Monday, October 19

Monday, October 19, 2009

Well the Fall weather is slowly trying to turn to Winter weather... woke up one morning to the hills having a good amount of frost on them!!! The island is looking its usual dead brown color that will stay until next year when it starts to green back up. Hoping this year we get lots of snow, but from the looks of the last 5 years I highly doubt that.... Temps are getting down to about low to mid 30's at night here at my house and about low 40's during the day time.

My pups are all doing great! Cali is getting along great with the boys and learning lots! She can be a bit bossy at times, but what female isn't?!?!?! LMAO!!! (Laughing my a$$ off) I know I can get bossy at times :P I still think our lab is waiting for one of them to grow to his size!

We had our auditors come in to do our yearly audit at the Corp. Everything went smoothly and I got a lot of praises for all the work I put in getting everything ready for them! That made me really happy!

Still waiting for our new 42" TV that we won for the Akutan Holiday raffle... hopefully that comes in soon, that would be cool!! Can't wait to replace our 32" tube TV and get our new flat panel set up in our living room!!!

I heard that the cannery is already sending people home for the season until January when they start to ship them all back in. So most the outgoing flights are all booked up, I was lucky to get my hubby's ticket made so he can come with me to our first ultrasound!!! I'm hoping my baby lets us see if he's a boy or if she's a girl!!! I'm excited to be able to see both my sisters and all my neices too, since my older sis and her 2 girls will be in ANC when we get up there!! Hopefully the weather cooperates with me and lets us travel on our selected dates! Crossing my fingers and praying hard!!! I'm officially 17 weeks and 1 day pregnant as of today!! Can't believe I've known for 12 weeks already!! Time goes by so fast!! I'm still fitting in my regular clothes, I'm not really showing that much - just a small little belly so far... I'm still anxiously waiting to feel those first "kicks"...

Oh and you can tell winter is coming by how early it gets dark and how late the sun comes up in the AM. The sun sets around 7:45PM and it's dark by 8:15PM. It starts to get daylight around 9:45 AM and the sun comes up around 10:15AM. I believe we're losing around 5 mins of daylight a day.... definately adds up over a couple days!! I've still to see frost on the boardwalks... I get up early enough (7AM to walk my dogs)... I've heard some people say they've seen frost on the boardwalks, but I've yet to see it... I've seen it on the mountains a couple mornings. Especially on clear nights when it gets cold out!

King Crab season officially started the 15th of this month. I haven't been paying attention to what boats have been going in and out of the bay or whether or not the cannery has gotten any deliveries yet. I do know I heard the Northwestern has been in and out a couple times already. My uncle and brother are fishing for live cod bait for some of the boats and they did a delivery to the NW the other day.... I don't want to spoil the surprise but I got confirmation from my brother that the Jake for Jake switch is definately a GO this year!! Can't wait to see how that turns out on the new season of Deadliest Catch!!! I can't wait to taste some fresh Bering Sea King Crab dipped in some hot drawn butter!!! I'm hoping by Halloween they should be offering "home pack" size boxes for sale to the public!!! Wonder what the price will be this year....hmmm... good thing we always make a savings stash for that all important purchase!!! At first people were trying to tell me I couldn't eat it... but after some researching I found out it's fine in moderation!! So now I can't wait to get some of that sweet Bering Sea gold!!!

Ok well I'll make sure to share my ultrasound photos and share whether or not we were able to see what sex baby is once we find out! I'll try to make sure to get lots of photos of the kids on Halloween too and share those!! I know a couple of the kids have some cute costumes, can't wait to see what the rest have!! I'm going to be a kitty this year! Last year I was a Boarder Patrol Agent!!

Take care everyone, sorry I'm slacking on my blog.. I've been feeling guilty about not writing in it, but I haven't had the time... I guess I can make time to check in at least!!! Ok well until sometime, TTFN!!

PS. I started a poll on my blog... what do you think I'm having? A boy? A girl? or are you undecided? Please vote!!! :D As of today, a little more than a week before I peek and spoil the surprise!!!! I'm excited to see the results!!! :D

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  1. Your neices/Godchild and I CANNOT wait to see you either!! We all need some time together!! We miss you something terrible and are so EXCITED to meet BABY!!! I will be talking to BABY this weekend!! LOVE YOU!!!
    Talking about crab...I'm so jelous!!!!


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