Friday, October 2

Friday, October 2, 2009

Well it’s been a pretty long while since I last “checked” in… nothing too exciting has been happening around these parts. There was a small earthquake the other day that was about 60miles SSW of here – I heard a couple people felt it… I didn’t feel it in my office.

The weather has been getting chillier every day but we still haven’t gotten any frost on the boardwalks just yet… we usually get the first frost on the boardwalk in September… Still not stopping the winds from blowing and the storms coming one after the other giving us a day or two break in between a week or two of no flyable days… then when the plane does come in it’s usually packed full of mail… not many people coming to or from the island lately…

I have officially started month 4 of my pregnancy (week 14 day 6 to be exact). The morning sickness has waned off and is almost gone… but now I have to deal with heartburn and the feeling to need to pee all the time!! HA HA HA… guess I should have expected to be peeing more often! I’m still not really “showing” yet and have only put on about 7lbs total so far!! But if you look at the pix of me from week 7 and compare them to now (week 14) you can see a slight difference… lol!!

I can’t believe that my second niece, the one I call Cupcake, is going to be a year old in 2 more days!! Wow, a year goes by way too fast if you ask me and there is no way to really slow it all down so we can enjoy it before it’s gone… My oldest niece is doing great, got over the H1N1 flu – kicking that flu’s butt back to where it came from!! Strong lil 2 year old!! Happy that she was able to come thru as a fighter!!! She’s now taking dance classes!! Such big girls!!!

Speaking of baby girls… I forgot to let everyone know that I had a new bundle of joy join our family, a lil baby girl Chihuahua that we named “Dreaming of California Sunshine” or Cali for short or Boots for her nickname (Roscoe already has Socks taken!)! I got her from a breeder down in Texas and had her shipped up to us on the 18th of September. She stayed overnight in Anchorage with her new Aunty Ivy before catching the Saab flight down to Dutch Harbor and making it to me on the only Goose flight we had that day (the 19th). She’s been a great addition to the family, getting along great with the boys!! A little jealousy from Dante, but we make sure to give him lots of love and attention still so he doesn’t feel “left out”. She’s was born on June 11, 2009 – and she’s such a little sweetheart!! I can’t wait for her 3-4th heat to get a litter out of her (another year or so before that happens)… I already have people proposing to buy one of the puppies once they are born!! LOL!!! I’ll have to see about that when the time comes… I love having her in the house though and she’s so smart and learning so quick, especially when she’s watching the boy’s and just copying them!!! She just learned how to get up the stairs we built for the dogs to get up on our bed… now if she’d just grow some “balls” and go back down!!! In time she’ll be jumping up and down on her own without using stairs!!

I still can’t believe that it’s already October and that Fall has its grip on us and that winter is just around the corner already… some parts of the state have already experienced snow!!! I’m not ready for winter yet… not ready for the cold wet sleet that seems to dominate it here in the winter time. We rarely get any snow any more in the last 10 years and it’s been over 15 years since we had a nice dump on us… I don’t think I’ll ever see those days again where we have to dig down into the snow to find the boardwalk and have a good 7-10 feet tall walls of snow on both sides of you!! The last couple years it’s has just rained most of the time, letting us get a couple cold days where the snow would stick… but it not the nice powdery stuff that you can play in!! It’s always icy or it looks like snow but it’s really heavy wet filled sleet/snow!!

Let me see now… nothing too exciting has gone on since my last post… other than the weather is getting colder and colder everyday and it seems like it’s getting darker way earlier and getting lighter way later… all signs of winter time… There is going to be a carnival fundraiser at the School for the school kids travel fund. I think they are finally going to do the raffle on the rest of the items too that they were supposed to do on Akutan Founder’s Day. They should be having a little bake sale too! I think it’s scheduled for 1:30PM at the school tomorrow. Hopefully they have a great turnout. I remember doing that when I was in school. We always had a Halloween carnival sometime in October!!

Ok well I hope everyone is doing great and enjoying the beginnings of fall!! I still think this year is going by way too fast!!!! Ok well take care, TTFN!!!

My 3 babies - Cali 3 months, Dante 1yr 3 months, Roscoe 1 yr 10months
Cali and Dante sleeping on Roscoe..
you can just see Roscoe's feet sticking out from behind Dante!!

All 3 of them trying to sleep close to each other!
I love them so much!!!!! Aren't they just so cute!!


  1. Sweet little puppies they new little gal looks awesome.

  2. They are ADORABLE, April...congrats on the new babycakes!


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