Tuesday, September 22

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

How did it become the first day of Fall already? Where did summer go????

Nothing too interesting has been happening. We've been getting planes in and the weather has actually been pretty nice but I heard that a big storm is headed our way and should stick around for the next week or so....

Still dealing with darn "morning sickness" and I'm eating lots and still losing weight!! I don't get it.... I'm not showing yet, but patiently waiting to get my bump!

The pups have been doing great. The little guys welcomed home their new "wife" on Saturday! Dreaming of California Sunshine (Cali) is now a part of my family! She's such a cute black and white chi and she get's along great with my other pups!! So in about a year or so we should be having puppies, and they will come with AKC registration papers too!!! I want to wait for her 3rd heat to breed her, I want to take her to the vet and make sure she's breeding material first before I even think of letting her get knocked up! She's so sweet and loving!! So I guess you can say I become an owner/breeder of chihuahua's!! I only plan on breeding her maybe twice, but for sure once. I just want to be able to have a baby off one of my baby boy's!! I love chi's!!

Let me see... anthing else to write about... hmmmm..... The Geothermal project wrapped up and they emptied out of our hotel. The state ferry the Tustemena should be here in the early AM to do the Dutch run and come back later tomorrow evening. I heard they are maybe planning another trip next month (they usually bring pumpkins with them and hand them out! and they even have like "trick or treating" where the kids dress up and go get candy from the employees!).

Looking forward to the new episode of Hell's Kitchen. They didn't have it on last week because it was the season finale of More to Love. I can't believe Luke asked Tali to marry him... I so thought he was going to pick Malissa!!! Lately I've been watching A Baby Story on TLC in the AM's.... getting myself mentally prepared for the birthing process and trying to learn techniquest that I might be able to utilize when I'm in labor.... I know I'm far from that point right now, but never too early to be prepared!!

Oh I got the cutest Baptimal dress for my hubby's godchild. Joe and Frannie seemed really happy that I got it for her!! It's a keepsake dress and looks so beautiful!! Worth every penny I paid for it!! Plus to see the joy in their faces when I gave it to them was all I wanted back from them!!!!! Luvs to O.Misty.B!!

OK well next time I get on I hope there will be more to talk about! Until I post again in the future, TTFN!!!


  1. Hey April, I thought of you today when I received these two DVDs in my library..someone donated them, you might want to check them out on Amazon.com or somewhere...they are called

    Prenatal Yoga, the second one is called
    Yoga for your Pregnancy...they look interesting.

    Just a thought :)

  2. Thanks for the suggestions Lauri!! I already have 1 prenatal yoga dvd! I love yoga!!! Never thought I would, but I took a 1 credit elective class @ UAF and I loved it!!!

  3. I've never done yoga, but I have a few dvds at home collecting dust...one of these days I will at least watch them...LOL

    Glad you like it, it is soooo good for you!

  4. glad your blog was updated since we are talking elsewhere now.

    Hope the prayer was appropriate and a new day brought new possibilities. God has a great way of sccomplishing just that act everyday.


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