Wednesday, August 5

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Well woke up to another crappy day… the wind is blowing but at least it looks like it’s drying up (must have been raining last night or early this AM). It’s pretty foggy out, temps in the low 50’s. We let the pups out for the usual morning walk, after they did their thing we put them inside and proceeded down to the office. I don’t know how many people are bitching at me today about how they don’t want me riding a bicycle anymore, especially when the boardwalk is a little wet. Didn’t really feel sick this morning, thank goodness!

Got down to the office and first thing I have to do today is get the store order out to our vendors. We were just finalizing the order yesterday, making sure we have everything we’re out of put on order. Other than that not much to get done today… We have people who should be coming in to fill our hotel next flyable day (I haven’t heard anything about anyone coming over on a boat yet). After getting the charge slips entered in the book, I sat around and waited for lunch hour to roll around.

For lunch we had cream of mushroom soup over toasted white bread. I need to start eating wheat bread or at least some kind of whole grain bread! We didn’t eat our sloppy joes last night and instead went to the café for a salad and soup for me and my hubby decided he wanted a big breakfast. Tonight we’ll cook up that hamburger and make our sloppy joes!

On my way back to the office I whacked my knee good on my handle bars, ended up getting a cramp in my thigh... ended up walking my bike for a bit. Walking past my in-law’s house, my little bro-in-law came running out of the house asking me if I wanted to see the new kitten that was just born. I was like “WHAT?!?!” and went running in the house. Right when I got there the cat was giving birth to a second kitten. Pretty gross how it comes out in that sack, then the female eats the sack open and the kitten starts to make sounds and she eats the afterbirth. Looks like she has more in her, but I have to get to work! So I asked for a kennel and a towel so I can move the cat from the closet to somewhere where they can keep track of the kittens (in the closet she was up on a pile of clothes and a kitten could have rolled a couple feet to the floor, best to have her in a kennel.). I told them I’d come by after work and see how she was doing, guess she was in labor for the last hour or so. I figured as long as she’s comfortable in the kennel and has her kitties with her the rest of the birthing process shouldn’t be as stressful. What a miracle it is, the whole giving birth to another life and everything. Makes me love the little bundle of cells growing inside me that much more and marvel at the drastic changes the baby makes in just a week!!

So far I have only a couple people who tell me I’m having a girl, the rest say boy. I figure girl – both my sister’s had girls… and my dad had all girls… and most my aunts and uncles had a majority of girls… I think my hubby wants a boy – even though he keeps telling me that it doesn’t matter to him either, that’s the feeling I get is he wants a boy more than a girl. If I have a girl she can hang out with her other female cousins!! If I have a boy, he can go play with his male second cousins (well he’d be the second cousin). I don’t really care what I have, I still want twins… but once I have my ultrasound we’ll get an idea of how many babies are growing inside me (I’m hoping hard for 2!! But I’ll be just as happy with one!) I just say as long as my baby is born healthy with no complications, I’ll be a happy momma with either sex!!! Girls seem more fun (dressing them up and stuff) but boys almost seem easier to deal with, I know my parents wanted a boy and my in-laws tried hard for another girl, LOL… I just want 2 babies total… you should have seen the look on my hubby’s face when I asked when are we having our second! I want our kids to be close in age, but I don’t want to get pregnant right after having a baby… I told him when the time comes we’ll talk more about it. Right now I’m just excited and happy that we’re even expecting a baby in the first place and I want to enjoy every moment!!

I didn’t get on my Wii Fit last night… I seriously need to keep up on my workout schedule; I need to try for at least 3-4 times a week. I just don’t know what kind of exercise I’m allowed to do, I know I’m not supposed to exert myself or push myself too hard. I’ll do some of the yoga, but even that I’m not sure is safe… I know the boxing is safe…. So hopefully I get my butt in gear and get a workout done today.

Boring day at the office, made the day feel like it just dragged… I told my hubby that I want to start taking a small nap when I get off work so I’m not as tired so early at night! Seems like right around 9PM I’m talking about laying down, until I realize that it’s only 9!!! So I think it’s time for me to schedule in naps during the day so I’m not so tired. I know I’m getting enough sleep at night. LOL, I’m trying to get all the time I can sleeping on my tummy now (thanks for the advice Jess). I didn’t think about that until she said something to me! LOL….

Ok well, no planes today. The fog and wind never went away, temps stayed in the mid 50’s (but people were complaining all day about how it felt really cold out today compared to the last couple days, must just be the northerly wind chill). The kids (and my mom) are finding ripe salmonberries, most the strawberries are ready to be picked and I haven’t looked at the blueberry bushes or the moss berries yet. All signs that fall is moving in on us. Our fireweed is just starting to put the pink petals out but it hasn’t opened/bloomed yet (I see in CB’s blog DHD that the fireweed is blooming on my neighboring island!)

Oh and I don’t know how we did it, when we did it or what… but I’m tearing my house apart searching like heck for the TV remote… we both swore it was just right there on our table… but then I went to change the channel and we couldn’t find it anywhere… I mean we literally tore the house apart searching for it last night… so today is put the house back together! I feel guilty letting the hubby clean it by himself when I know I helped make that mess!! At least there isn’t anything too important/interesting to watch on TV tonight other then Discovery’s Shark Week shows!

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

PS. AK STEVE (A Sense of Place) has an awesome post about the Goose!! I would like for everyone to check it out please and let him know I sent you his way!! (Click here if you didn't click on his name!) And Steve that is so true, with as many beautiful pix of the island you can take, it's hard to pick out a handful to share!! Love the post Steve!!! Hope everyone else does too!!


  1. Thanks April! We all do truly live in a beautiful place . . .

  2. Another great post, April! I agree about Steve's post...I told him he should win the "post of the year" award. Fantastic photos and history lesson!

  3. AS far as the gender of the baby, the man's sperm determines it, so find out the history of his family for a true indicator of the baby's gender.

    Will you find out the gender in advance or do you want a surprise?? I plan on starting a baby clothes collection for you either way April!!

    Youf online friend


  4. Well my hubby's dad had only boy's, but his aunts had a 50/50 split in boys and girls, and his aunts and uncles are pretty even 50/50 - he even has twins on his side - but I heard that the female usually carries the twin gene and no one has had twins in their family in a while... so I'm hoping we might!! :)

    OH AND YES, for sure I'm going to find out as soon as I can!!! I want to get the baby's room painted (my hubby do it of course and air it out before I come home) and get most of the stuff I need in the appropriate colors (even though girls look super cute in light blue too!).

    Thank you for collecting baby clothes, I will happily take any baby stuff :) I'm a big eBay-er so I'll for sure be looking at lots on there soon :P LOL.... I just know the best sizes to get are 3-6 months and a couple of the small stuff since they grow so fast! :)

    I can't wait to go on our trip end of the year to go shopping down in the lower 48 and ship it all home!! Way better selection of stuff because there is a wider selection of stores to shop at! Plus, I don't mind shopping online - but shopping in the store seems to be more fun!

    Either way thanks Donna! Maybe I'll ask my mom for some of her jam/jellies (salmonberry, moss berry, blueberry and fireweed) when it's time and send them down to you to enjoy in exchange! :) My mom makes awesome jam/jelly - I usually pick the berries for her and let her do her thing in the kitchen - stirring, measuring, straining and jarring :)

    <3April Dawn

  5. Thanks April,

    I am a believer in "play it forward" so one nice turn I do for my online friend is my way of giving unselfishly in hope that the recepient will then pass on something positive to another person in need!!!

    I also can jams, apricots and have finally found a use for the annual too much zucchini in Colorado, I can shredded zucchini in a pineapple juice, my kids always thought it was pineapple!!!

    Women determine the number of babies per pregnancy. If we ovulate more than one egg, we may have fraternal twins, if one fertilized egg splits, we have identical twins (sorry I am an old biology teacher)

    Take care



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