Wednesday, August 19

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Well can tell summer is here! Woke up to another beautiful morning, calm and clear out with patches of blue sky and the sun coming up over the horizon at 8:30AM. Took the pups out for their morning walk, by 9AM we got back to the house and let the pups back inside. I had a bowl of life cereal for breakfast before heading to work.

At the office this morning, I got all the charge slips entered into the book and looked over the hotel reservations; we should have the dentists arriving today. They were scheduled for yesterday, but at the end of the day I guess the travel agent called my mom and let her know that they were running a day late. Pretty quiet in the office this morning. I got our next store order out to our vendors, I still need to price up what we have coming in this weekend….

On my way home for lunch I noticed the first flight approaching for a landing – wonder if the dentists are on there or not and I hope my mom’s still at the office!! I called to make sure… yay, she’s ready and waiting for them!! For lunch we had poor boy sandwiches, funny how some foods I like taste like hell and other stuff I never liked taste so good!! Sucks when something smells really good, and when I go to eat it, it tastes bad to me… but good to everyone else! I got a call on my answering machine from my mid-wife (nurse) in Anchorage, so I called her back and answered a couple questions and she answered some for me! I’m happy to know that we have the equipment here in our clinic to listen to baby’s heartbeat and I don’t have to get sent out for an ultrasound until my 18th week or so…. I was happy with our conversation… by the time I got off the phone I had to rush my butt back to the office.. it was 5 after 1 already!

I rode back down to the office, a nice warm, sunny day today with barely a breeze, temps only hitting 52F (it got up to 60F last night around 6PM)… hoping it warms up more later… I wouldn’t mind going up the hill and picking enough moss berries to make a pie… I’ve been craving a moss berry pie since we went up the hill and took pix of town and found a bunch way up there… nice big ones way up on top of the hills! The office was pretty quiet. I brought my Post Office till keys down and had an audit done on my till… that took about an hour to do – my till came out great!! When I got back to the Corp office, my mom said I was just in time as she was getting ready to go to her dentist appointment. I love how our clinic is set up and all the great stuff that they have available and how quick they can get set up because we have most of the stuff that they need already! Which helps reduce the amount of equipment that they have to bring with them (the dentists that is).

I feel really sleepy this afternoon, although I slept great last night! The afternoon seemed to go by quickly even though I didn’t seem too busy… I got us everything to bbq up halibut tonight with a boiled potato on the side… nice day to bbq! At 5 PM when I was going home, the second flight was pulling up on the plane ramp! What a beautiful day! The sun is out, the sky is blue and I’m BBQ-ing tonight!! Think we might go up the hill and pick some berries… I really want to make a pie… but we’ll see how ambitious I am…. I think the hubby wanted to mow the yard too….

Ok well have a great night everyone, until tomorrow TTFN!!


  1. Hi April,
    Blogger is posting multiple days of your blog all in one day, this AM Tuesday and Wednesday were both posted. Wierd, but thought you would want to know why people may not be commenting back...we cannot see the blog when you write it to us.

    I started thinking about all the doctor's visits you will need as the pregnancy progresses, I hope the traveling isn't too hard on your body. Are you planning on delivering the baby in Akutan if possible? Since Akutan is both of your homw towns, that seems ideal to start the family in the same location.
    Glad the weather is great!!

  2. no I'm posting them on the same day.. just changing the publishing date... so it looks like I posted it on that day but actually it was the day before... so one some days that I forget to get my blog written I hurry up and get them done in the same day and just label them for that day... sorry... :P so some days that I'm late, I'll fill in those days and it will look like they were published that day but didn't show up until today... :P


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