Tuesday, August 18

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Well another beautiful day! Patchy blue skies with the sun shining brightly offering some great feeling warmth! Not a breeze in the sky, but the clouds way up in the air is booking it across the sky! For the last couple days it’s been low tide in the AM, giving this sweet summery smell with salt water, kelp, flowers and everything else that’s fresh and clean smelling. I love our air… I love our drinking water… I just straight love it here, this is home and August is no better time to come visit! The lush greenery, the deep blue’s of the ocean… the mysterious fog that hangs around the island like a blanket – not to mention the wildlife we’re blessed with! Small finches singing in the morning sun; eagles, sea gulls, crows and miscellaneous ducks quacking, squawking and making all their beautiful and unique sounds; fish jumping in the bay, sea lions playing with each other in little groups… and a lone sea otter floating around… once and a while a fox scampering thru the grass – moving swiftly making it look so easy to get around. Head out the bay and you start to hit colonies of sea birds, ranging from the small Auklets to both species of Puffin (horned and tufted), to the larger albatross… whales and Dall porpoises (humpback and killer whales)… with a background of lush green volcanic islands – parts that are jagged and mountainous and other parts which are flat with barely any hills at all… we have both rocky and sandy beaches… most of the sandy beaches on our island is dark sand while on Akun it’s a lighter yellow sand. I can’t explain the beauty this place holds… you really have to come see it yourself to know what I’m talking about!!

So we let the pups out and brought them back in before heading to the office. This morning was pretty slow, everyone must be out enjoying the weather instead of being inside (lucky them)… My mom had to take the day off… she waited for me to get into the office before going home. I guess she fell off the 4-wheeler this morning and landed hard on her knee and the clinic told her to go home, rest, compress, ice and elevate and to stay off her knee if she can today. So as soon as I got in she went home to take care of her knee… if I need anything I can always call her! My poor mom! I washed all our old towels, hand towels and wash clothes and boxed them up this morning and brought the box down to mail it out. I had to go to the store and buy tape so I can secure the box up, since it was a flimsy box I was reusing again. I hurried up and got the box down to the Post Office, I got there just in time to make it for the mail dispatching on this morning’s plane! Our first flight was on schedule this morning, landing in the bay and pulling up on the ramp at 11:30AM.

For lunch we had tacos… I had mine with yummy Taco Bell Fire sauce!!! I love the slight burning/heat sensation it gives the tacos! My hubby doesn’t like any kind of spicy or hot foods except beef jerky.

Back at the office it was pretty quiet all afternoon. I went and talked with our store manager and told her I needed a list of what we need to order for our next shipment (which leaves Seattle next Friday, the 28th.). So she said she’ll get that to me hopefully by the end of the day. Only a couple phone calls and a couple people who needed to cash their checks – other than that it was quiet and boring in the office and it’s so nice outside… When I was getting off work at 5, I heard the second flight of the day coming in. I made it to the Post Office before they closed to check my mail and noticed my nutsonline.com order came in. Yay… got my almond butter, some vanilla granola, dried strawberries and freeze dried fruit cocktail – along with a couple bags of dum dum pops, runts and good’n plentys!! I love their vanilla granola with yogurt or over cereal! And the fruits are always a great thing to be indulging in! Especially when we don’t get them fresh here, dried and freeze dried is the best way to still enjoy the favs that everyone else takes for granted!! Remember, for some of us it’s not as easy to just go down the street to the local grocery store and fill up on all the goodies available to mankind!! Makes me wish I was living in the city so I can have stuff available when I want it… but that also gives me the bad choices like fast food places that I’ve been craving!!

For dinner I got us everything for spaghetti with garlic bread – it’s been awhile since we had that! My hubby was really happy when he saw what I was planning for dinner! Well tonight I have the new episode of Hell’s Kitchen to watch, then the love show More to Love right after that on Fox… definitely worth looking forward to watching the first one!! I love the Chef!

I hope everyone had a great Tuesday and an even better Tuesday night!! Until tomorrow TTFN!!

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