Sunday, August 23

Saturday and Sunday, August 22-23, 2009

What a beautiful weekend! The sun would come out for seconds then be hidden behind the over cast skies, temps in the low 60’s during the day in the low-mid 40’s at night.

Friday night the freighter came in, bringing with it our store order, the Roadhouse’s beer order and some other stuff that some local’s got in. Once we order baby’s furniture the freighter is how we plan on getting everything here. Which means I have to ship out of Seattle and whenever you order online they don’t care about if you’re from Alaska or not… so we don’t get the WA tax exemption for online purchases… so we’ll probably have to pick everything up ourselves on our vacation end of the year and have it shipped home on the freighter.

At about 5AM on Saturday, the state ferry Tustemena made its arrival, then departing to Dutch Harbor for a couple hours then be back later tonight. We were going to go over, but we didn’t have anyone to watch our pups… so we stayed home in bed…. Would have been nice to go over, but oh well… The Cattle Company had their 3 horses come in on the ferry… beautiful animals… so big and powerful but they have these cute big eyes and eye lashes! We stopped by to check them out when the ferry came back in around 7:30PM. My hubby had a dental appointment at 8… before the ferry came in we were out picking salmon berries! We got about 5 one-gallon Ziploc bags full!! Hopefully pick more berries tomorrow!

At the ferry we had a couple people from town come back home, they had been gone almost all summer, and other’s leaving for the winter. We had a couple of the teenage girls take off for school in Anchorage, going to miss having them around. It was pretty chilly down at the ferry with a slight breeze chilling everything off that much more. Not too many tourists on the ferry this time around. Next month should be the last “run” of the year. I had to sit outside the clinic knocking on the door trying to get someone’s attention because my hubby had the house keys and I was locked out! After about 45 mins later I finally got someone’s attention and was able to get the key to the house! I had to get all my salmon berries home, cleaned and in the freezer.

On Sunday the weather was sunny but a bit breezy, but that didn’t stop us from going out berry picking! We were only out for about an hour and half and we got 2 big gallon Ziploc bags full of big moss berries (yay I get to make pie finally!!!!), we got a gallon of big sweet blueberries and another gallon of some huge dark red salmonberries!! We gave a gallon of frozen salmonberries and 2 cups of blue berries to the dentist to take home with them! The rest are for my freezer! I BBQ-ed shish kabobs tonight too, they tasted awesome!!! I didn’t have time to get all the moss berries cleaned so I’ll make my pie tomorrow! The only part that sucked about picking berries was that the wind stopped blowing and it warmed up and all the flies and bugs came out… so we went home… not too bad for only being gone an hour and a half and for starting behind our house and ending behind the school!! Lots more out there to go pick!!

All in all it was a beautiful weekend and I enjoyed getting out and enjoying the beautiful weather. I hope everyone else had a great weekend!! OH... and I started my 3rd month today (Sunday!)!!! Yay!!! I can’t wait to actually start feeling baby start moving. We picked out godparents, but I still have to ask if the person we picked wanted to be krusnamom (godmother) or not… Krusnadad is going to be our friend Iggy – we asked him already and he happily said yes! I picked Igg because both my husband and I grew up around him, hanging out at his house playing video games, board games and card games! He hasn’t had any kids of his own yet, and no one has asked him to be krusna to their babies yet… so we finally agreed (well I had to push my word a bit on the hubby, I think he had someone else in mind but I told him he can pick krusnamom!). I’m so excited I can’t wait to find out what we’re having… a boy? Or a girl? I so want to get everything I need in the colors that are right… I know I like blue but I don’t want to end up having a baby girl and dressing her all in blue just because I like the color then having to deal with people asking if it’s a girl or boy! LOL!! Both of us like green and that’s a pretty neutral color… we’ll wait and I’ll just keep wish listing stuff until we know what colors to get... I’m having fun making registries and adding stuff to it… when the time comes I’ll start knocking stuff off my list of stuff that I want to get! No rush right now… :)

We had one flight on Saturday and didn't have any on Sunday...

Ok well take care everyone!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!


  1. April is already thinking baby colors and anxious to feel kicks.

    The pregnancy is starting to change your life (for the better families are just everything when it comes right down to it!!)

    DO all the teens leave for High school? The local school is probably a K-12 building. I cannot believe I am a teacher and I have never asked about the local schools!!


  2. yeah we have a K-12 school with 2 teachers... no the teens don't have to leave, they just want to so that they can have more available. We don't have a sports program anymore, so the kids don't really travel like I used to when I was in school. So they all beg to go to the city so they can have more opportunities available to them! It just seemed like after my generation graduated there weren't enough kids in our school district to have the programs that were available when I was in school. Shoot, even I left for half my senior year to Valdez so I could know what it was like to go to a bigger school with a teacher for every course!! But I came home to graduate so I can keep my UA scholars scholarship!! ;)


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