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Pictures from the last couple days

August 8, 2009

A foggy August 8th in Akutan, AK

A foggy August 8th in Akutan, AK
August 10, 2009

One of the only posted speed limit signs in Akutan!

Hanging minkin grass to dry

Dante on patrol on our hike!

Moss Berries are starting to get big!
Almost ready to harvest if you can find enough!

I swear they think they are Tug's size!
Tug, Roscoe and Dante on a hike with us!

Pic of what the ground looks like up on the hill.
Lots of rocks and moss

Trident Seafoods

From right to left: Trident Seafoods, Trident church, the plane ramp, City Fuel storage tanks, the Roadhouse and the boat moorage.

From right to left: Roadhouse, The big building holds the Post Office, Store, Corp Office (my office), Cattle Company Office, Akutan Fisheries Association, and Harbor Master Office. Above you can see our City Dock and boat moorage. The satelites are for internet, cable and telephone.

This would be looking just left of the pic above, towards the main part of town. Most the building on the right are residental houses - on the far left you can see the City Office building, the big blue building is owned by the Corp - but it houses the hotel rooms on the second floor and the Tribal office on the first floor. On the right of the Corp building is the Clinic and above that next to the beach is the "Cop shop". Next to both of those is the cafe which is the grey building with the green roof. The big white one story building with a blue roof is the Salmonberry Inn. On the top right you can see our Power station where the City Generator's are located, next to the generators is the City's garage and gas storeage area (were we get our gasoline!)

Looking farther left (East) towards where the school is (the big white building with a blue roof on the left), the green building that isn't finished being painted is where the VPSO and teachers reside when they come here, the 2 story building infront of that (on the left of the City Building) is where Darryl Peterson stays (upstairs) and the down stairs is rented out. Down the East end of Akutan you can see the 4-plex, barely see the library building and the rest of the houses (where my house is located!) and way down at the end of the boardwalk is the incinerator.

Nice Close up of the church.

Looking closer at the boardwalks and houses.
The salmonberry inn on the bottom left.
My parents yard is mowed grass, the darker stuff to the bottom of their yard is what salmonberry bushes look like, near the beach consists of mostly tall grass.

Some more of the houses and part of the ballfield (top right)

The Corp building on the far left, you can see the stairs that lead to the hotel rooms and 3 of the rooms on this side of the building.. The 2 buildings near the beach is the VPSO building and the garage for the emergency vehicles and equipment. The building that has the same looking roof is the clinic. The grey building is the cafe. There are 2 steambaths in this picture too, one across from the little red shack, and another near the bottom next to the brown house. The building on the far right is the Salmonberry Inn.

The school is on the far left. On the far right is the City Offices, The green building is what we call the duplex (where the teachers and VPSO stay).

A close up of our City Dock and the small boat moorage.

The Simeon M Vincler Small Boat Moorage

Looking at the East end of Akutan. The old incinerator is the small blue building on the bottom right, the new incinerator is the bigger blue building near the top of the pic. The little white building near the road that leads to the 4plex is the hydroelectric plant. The green roof building on the bottom right is our water treatment plant. The 4plex is the big 2 story building "on the hill" as I put it, past it with the tan roof and cream paint is the multiplex building that holds our museum, library, arts and crafts and rec-center. Past that is 7 more residental houses (one of which I live in!!) Doesn't my yard look great??? Nice cut grass, looks part of a golf course!

Some of the biggest trees that were planted here a long time ago, these ones are located behind the school, there are 3 total, in this pic is 2 of the 3.

Looking at town from up on the hill behind the school.

The same shot behind the school just with the third tree that's growing behind the school.

Looking down the steep trail that leads up/down the side of the hill.
August 11, 2009

Woke up to a foggy morning....
so I took a pic, see if it lifts later.....

The fog lifted this much by lunch time. Clear enough for a plane!

Both of the planes on the ramp, off loading all the mail they brought over.
That van is one of the only 3-4 cars that are on the island!
OK, question.... I have some pictures that are viewer discretion (the ones with the sea lion being butchered up) and I didn't know if I should post them or not because I didn't want to offend anyone... so should I just not post them or post them with a disclaimer notice? :) Please let me know what you think!!
Hope you liked the pix everyone!!!


  1. Hi April! Great pics! I always wondered what Akutan looks like. Thanks to you, now I know! Beautiful blue water and green mountains, just like here.

    I can't look at the pics of the sea lion being butchered (I am a WIMP!)...but feel free to post them, with disclaimer so that I know not to look, LOL...Thanks!

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  3. repost...
    I really have a feel for the geography of the area now April...looks like all of the town of Akutan is on the same side of the island connected by the wooden sidewalks, right??? You have often posted of Trident being "away" in some other words I know so I had an image of Trident being on the other side of the island.

    Thanks for sharing the beatiful day!!

  4. I made a few trips to Akutan on the Trident F/V Arctic Enterprise.
    I remember going ashore to the clinic and discovering the "Boardwalk", and the beautiful church.
    For a city boy from Dallas, Texas, I felt as though I was in Heaven.
    A wonderful memory.
    By the way, GREAT PHOTOS!

  5. Oooooppps! Forgot to mention....flying to Dutch in the "Blue Goose". Not for the faint of heart with strong winds! Whoa!

  6. Nice pictures..I landed in the bay in an Albatross -vi '68


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