Thursday, August 6

The IntelliGender Test

The IntelliGender Test

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So does anyone think this actually works and if I should get it or not....

probably not... I never heard of this before.. so I figured I'd share it and ask! :)

April Dawn


  1. Hi April, congrats on your pregnancy! How exciting! My daughter bought one of these when she was pregnant and it said she was having a boy. They said they were just buying the thing "for fun" and wouldn't really count on it being true, but I think they were pretty convinced they were going to have a boy. Well, they are now the parents of a 16 month old little GIRL. It's probably not worth your money even though it might be tempting! :)

  2. I concur all males have XY gene, females XX gene, that is how crime scene specialist cal tell who was at the scene of a crime, that is skin cells however.
    Wait for the pix I say too tha will sonar during your term


  3. Hey Jane, did they get their money back? ;)

    I'm really excited for you April, it'll be fun figuring it out from the ultra-sound pic...don't waste your money, you have much better things to buy with it :)


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