Wednesday, July 29

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Woke up to a clear but overcast skies, temps are in the high 40’s. Looks like we might get a plane today if the fog stays away! There is a slight breeze, but the water is pretty calm. The whole island is green now… it makes it looks so beautiful when it’s that lush out! We took the pups out for their morning outing, throwing a ball for them afterwards for a bit. So cute watching Dante chase Tug as he and Roscoe are going after the ball! After about 15 mins of watching them play, we brought them inside and I got ready to go to work.

Riding my bicycle down, I actually saw like 10 people outside today! That’s like a record so far!! LMAO! I guess my mom somehow lost just the ring with the 3 office keys on it this morning, so she was waiting for me to get in so that the store can open. (I wonder if it was my mom calling my home phone and hanging up on my answering machine? We don’t have caller ID, so I screen my calls on our answering machine.) I get a lot of hang-up calls or people who don’t say anything but you can hear those bastards breathing on the other end! That or people always trying to sell me something or get me to donate money to their cause!

So after getting the office opened up and the cash down to the store so they can open, I started to enter the charge slips from yesterday into the charge book. We are starting to get all of our shareholder stuff ready to be mailed out, I think they finally set a date for the annual meeting (I think it’s in Sept). So we are starting to get all the stuff ready to send out to our 86 shareholders. My mom went down to the Post Office and noticed that my cousin Kay brought her baby down, so my mom “stole” her from Kay and brought her up to the Corp Office. Such a cute baby girl!! All smiles, probably wondering who the hell my mom and I were! I guess she just got done eating before my mom grabbed her, so I helped burp her, then we changed her diaper. So funny… I’m happy she’s a girl!! OMG, as soon as we took the front flap off, she started to pee!!! I hurried up and put the diaper back and we couldn’t stop laughing. I was so happy she was a girl and not a boy, or I think we would have gotten soaked! Kay was busy doing paperwork at the PO and my mom figured she’d help take baby off Kay’s hands while she’s finishing up the paperwork. I guess Kay was happy to not have to worry about Natasha, knowing she was with my mom and me! Polly would have helped watch her but at 11:30AM our first flight came in, packed full of mail – so Polly was busy sorting and taking care of customers.

Also on that flight was one of the hotel guests I’ve been waiting the last 3 days for finally made it in, he’s hoping to have his equipment on this afternoon’s flight so he can get his work done and hopefully get back out within the next couple days. I also got a couple more hotel reservations in for next month, we are completely full until the 13th or so (weather permitting), so I hope if anyone else is planning on coming out during now and then that they have somewhere they can stay. I only know of a couple people in town who will actually “rent” out a room in their house to people if the hotel is filled up. I don’t know if I’d ever do that, open my house up to a stranger – maybe if it was someone I knew then I might do it – but not for someone I don’t know… I don’t have that great of trust when it comes to having someone stay in my house especially while I’m sleeping or when no one is home… you know?!?!

Yeah sure it’s a little village, but crime still happens – and the hard part about finding out who did it is that people will come up with rumors about who could have did it… but yet no one will come clean about who actually did it (that or people know who did what but nothing gets done about it)! Or people will lie and cover for each other so no one really knows if someone is guilty for something or not. It’s a good thing and a bad thing – but I think that’s just something that comes along with living in the village. I would think that most villages are like that, but that’s just what I think – I don’t know that for sure! I just know what I see around here – families protect their families – it’s just something we do because of the love and respect we have for our families! Ok enough of that :P

For lunch I cooked us up Jose Ole brand Taco Snacks – they must have changed their recipe because they taste and smell different than they usually do…. They didn’t taste that bad though, I like to have mine with ketchup. The sky is starting to show patches of blue, maybe the sun will come out! It warmed up a bit to the low 50’s.

Back at the office this afternoon, we busted open the box full of our financial books that we need to get to our shareholders. Then I noticed that they weren’t the right books! So we called up our auditing company and told them the wrong books were in the box, so they said to tape it back up and mail it back to them and they would get the right ones out to us. Then like 15 mins after hanging up, they called back saying just the top 8 were books for our board members, and the rest are our financial books! So after digging under the 8 for our board members, we found the books we were looking for! Time to get them all in envelopes and out in the mail! Can’t believe we almost sent all our financial books back… LOL… good thing our auditing company called us back to let us know the correct books were just a bit farther down! Hopefully should have all these out in the mail by this afternoon!

I tried to get some of the wedding pix I have uploaded to Facebook, but FB is just being a pain in the butt and not letting me upload pix…. MySpace is so much easier to upload pix to…. I have a little project to work on, I’m trying to get all my pics I can find from when I attended RAHI (Rural Alaska Honors Institute) back in 2000 and get them all scanned into the computer and uploaded to either MySpace or FB and share them with all of my friends who attended so they can have copies too.. I would really like if they could do the same so I can have copies of their pix! I can’t believe this year is our 9 year anniversary and next year will be 10 years since we all met!!! Time goes by way too fast!!

Speaking of time going by fast… today happens to be my older sister’s 3 year wedding anniversary! I can’t believe that 3 years has already blown right by us!! To my sister and brother-in-law: I hope you guys have an awesome day and I love you both more and more everyday! To my bro-in-law Steve: Thank you so much for making my sister happy: not only physically but emotionally. It makes me feel good to know that my sister has someone that loves her just as much as she loves you! You make a great addition to our family!! Speaking of which… Steve it’s about time you come down to the village for a visit!! ;) Love you both! Happy Anniversary, many more happy days to come!!!

Yay… at 3PM that big yellow thing in the sky that gives off heat – oh wait I think they call that the sun…. finally decided to grace us with its presence! Warming it up a whole 2-3 degrees, making the temp get into the mid 50’s now!! Hopefully it stays nice enough out so we can get our lawn cut!! My yard needs a mowing bad, but it’s just been too wet out to get out there… so hopefully today… My hubby decided that he’s going to cook steam bath tonight, so that’s something to look forward to after work.

OMG did anyone watch Hell’s Kitchen last night? Can you believe that fool that got up in Chef’s face just because he couldn’t understand, “Give me the 2 ppl up for elimination and the reasons why.” I guess that guy couldn’t understand that and wouldn’t give the reason why…. So chef got mad that he didn’t answer what he asked. And this guy got all up in Chef’s face saying that chef was just a bitch and he wanted them to shut the camera off and take it outside… what a hot-headed, idiot with no respect… I couldn’t believe after 7 years of watching them do the show, that someone actually challenged Chef Ramsey like that. Wow that was a good show!! Then to catch that new show “More to Love” afterwards, I think I might get into that show… (Me and my stupid dating reality shows :P). I wonder how I used to look sometimes… I used to be 216 – did I look as big as some of those girls do? I know for sure I don’t know being a size 8…. But when I was a size 14, I might have looked like that… but I never really thought of myself as being that BIG of a girl… I think my body just holds the weight well. But I was like, OMG, we’re same age, same height and I used to be that weight – did I look like that? So I searched thru pix of me, and didn’t see any that resembled the woman on the show. I know they said the show is about real sized women, and I’m a real woman… so no wonder why I’m comparing myself to them. I used to be that size, and still kind of associate myself with woman of bigger size… I’m proud of my curves and my womanly figure – just would like to lose some of the jiggle… Like I said, my BMI used to be 32, which is considered Obese. So I look at those girls as my size… since I’m not one of those pin thin girls who starve themselves. So I guess it’s pretty cool to be finally watching a show that has “real” sized woman on it that people like me can relate to! I still want to know how exactly that boat got stuck on the north side of our island too…. The Deadliest Catch didn’t really give that great of an explanation on what they did or what happened for the boat to get up on the shore like that. There are a couple boats out there trying to salvage what they can off it, from the looks of it – it almost looks like they are trying to get it off the beach. But the part of the beach that boat decided to go on is practically in a place that you can’t really get into because of all the reefs and rocks in the water! So I’m not sure how they are going to want to salvage that boat, but they are at least trying. I really wouldn’t want it to have to stay there just to rust and become another reminder of what could happen if you’re not prepared for this part of the world! Hopefully they can get it off the rocks and do whatever they do with it!

So I heard a rumor that there were counterfeit bills circulating around in Dutch Harbor… we are trying to make sure that all our places that deal with money have a counterfeit bill checking pen… I have a couple extra here in the Corp office, so I let the Café know. They were happy to hear we had an extra pen that they could have!! Better to be safe than sorry!! I haven’t heard of any fake bills here in Akutan, but I will keep my eyes open (beware any of you that are doing this stupid stunt, I will report any bills I notice and who gave it to me! So don’t try anything stupid with me!!).

Well today was at least productive and felt like I was busy all day, which made the time just fly by! I am looking forward to going to steam bath after work. Throwing some water on the stove and relaxing in the hot, hot steam sounds so good right now! Sometimes I wish more people would enjoy in taking steam bath… but a lot of people I guess just don’t go – Guess they think a shower is good enough… Sometimes I think they don’t go because they are too afraid to ask if they can fit into the schedule of whoever is going! Don’t be scared… if you want bath don’t be afraid to ask! If there is enough wood, hell yeah jump on in and enjoy a hot steam!!! I’ve never really been told “NO you can’t go to bath” ever in my life or heard anyone say that to anyone else, so just ask next time if you see bath cooking and you want to go!

Well I’m going to BBQ up hamburgers tonight, the weather is so nice that we have to take advantage of it while we can!! My weather station is recording 62F on my porch in the shade!! Hoping it stays warm out and nice so that we can get our lawn mowed! I am also letting my brother borrow my iPod – he had some complications with a car rental company – and they wouldn’t return any of his personal belonging out of the car: including his PSP and all the games with it, his iPod and some other stuff. I told him to sue them for his personal belongings; they have no right taking them from him just because they were in the rental car when it got towed!! So I told him he needs to fight them or something for his stuff!!! That was a lot of money in electronics that they jacked from him!! So I’m letting him borrow my iPod synced with all his music on it. He wants to use it for when he goes out fishing, so I said no prob he can use mine! :)

Wow… this is a long post for the day… been a while since I wrote a long blog!! I need to get a subsistence blog done up... I should just go clean one fish and show everyone how to make dry fish!! I want to make dry fish so bad!! I think will when/if I get another fish!! Hope I don’t have to go snag a bunch of humpies a head of the bay again…..

The plane should be back for the second flight sometime between 5-6PM.

Well until tomorrow, TTFN!! Have a great Wednesday!!!!


  1. Just wanted to give you FYI. Another problem we're having in Florida with counterfeit money that the pen won't help with, the skumbags are bleaching five dollar bills and copying the fifty dollar bill on it, since it's real money the pen don't catch it. It was really good quality but all the serial numbers matched on all the bills that were being passed. Make sure you really watch those bills and the markings! I know cost of living there is high enough and the last thing you guys need is to be ripped off!

  2. Great post April...We have a pen at my library too and I check ALL bills, if I am suspicious at all. Like Corey said, it is expensive enough to live here, we don't need anyone trying to rip us off! I will report them too....


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