Thursday, July 9


Here are some pix of our Goose ride from Akutan to Dutch Harbor

The Ocean Pheonix (catcher processor) in our harbor with town in the background

Looking into the Harbor from Entrance Point

Sandy Cove, Akutan Island

The old lava flow that's coming out of the crater from our volcano

Lava Point (looks like Hawaii)

Lava Point

A volcano vent at Lava Point

Lava Point

Lava Point

The fog layer that will cover our island...
see there is blue sky above it all!

Some boats trying to salvage that boat
the F/V Icy Mist off the northern part of the island

Preist Rock, Unalaska Island

Mt. Akutan as seen from the Saab...
the only thing letting us know our island is down there!


  1. Great pics :) Wild how thew Aleutians and HI look alike --from a distance lol

  2. On the pic ere the Icy Mist is near the island there are 2 boats...The one with the house forward was featured on Deadliest Catch, it's called F/V Western Viking.


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