Monday, July 27

Monday, July 27, 2009

Well woke up to a thick fog, so thick that you can’t see town from my porch, shoot the hydro building is hard to see! There is a slight dew on the ground, getting the little ones soaked as they did their thing this morning.

I rode my bicycle down to the office, not seeing one person on my little ride down. Once I settled in and checked my messaged, I started to get the charge slips from the weekend into the book. I had a couple hotel reservations come in – sorry to say that we’re full until the middle of next month. You can bring a tent if you want, but they don’t have any out houses or public bathrooms if people do camp out.

For lunch we went to the café for our usuals (French dip and a chicken burger).

Back at the office, nothing much happened this afternoon. We had the freighter come in over the weekend, so there happened to be a lot of people checking out what’s in the freezers. Got in some pizzas and microwave sandwiches.

I’m going to have to get started on getting this month’s paperwork into the spreadsheets. Can’t believe that Friday is end of the month already!! Where is this year going?? I had to go over some of the other substitutions from our order we sent out last week to one of our vendors. I like that they call and ask about subs before just doing it. Before they used to just send whatever sub they had for an item without consulting us first. Then we’d get in an item that wouldn’t sell because it wasn’t what we originally ordered. So now they call first.

Well I think we’ll be going to the café for dinner. I want onion rings and ranch dip and a small bowl of egg flower soup, my hubby went for a big plate of Mongolian Beef.

Nothing much on TV tonight, how boring… at least I can use up time working out on my Wii Fit, then soaking in a nice hot bubble bath before going to sleep!

Well hope everyone had a great Monday!! It was way too foggy today for the plane to come in, temps only got up to 46F! OK until tomorrow, TTFN!

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