Friday, July 10

Friday, July 10, 2009

Hey everyone!!

wqhgsdsf (dante says hi! he typed it himself!)

Well woke up way too early... way too early... I only did the drive from Anchorage to Fairbanks in the winter time (which takes up to 8 hours) and I've never done it in the summer time. So I didn't know how long it was going to take to get up here... So I ended up getting us up and out of bed at 5:15AM and hit the road by 6:15AM - rolled into FBKS at around noon. I SO DID NOT KNOW IT ONLY TOOK 5 HOURS! Or I wouldn't have gotten us up so early!

The drive up was pretty nice. I drove us practically the whole way, my hubby drove us to the Talkeetna cutoff (where he stopped to take a "potty" break and we got just eaten by the huge mosquitos.... should have put on bug spray first I guess...) then I drove the rest of the way up. We fueled up once in Cantwell, AK - picked up some munchies to snack on - then off on our way again. Not too long after leaving Cantwell, I had 3 cars in front of me and we're all cruising at about 67-68 (almost 70MPH in a 65MPH zone, a couple miles over is good for me but no more than that). We were all coming around this corner, when all the sudden I notice the cars infront pulling off the road - fast... like jerking off the road one at time like we were all connected and someone yanked the first car off and we all followed - all because some stupid trucker in a semi truck thought that he could pass this slow car infront of him - and he was in our lane when we came around that corner. I'm happy I don't over-react over stuff and acted calmly and just missed getting crushed by that semi. All 3 cars in front of me pulled over and got out of their cars (probably thanking God that we were all still alive) - I kind of freaked a bit after and started to cry because I realized we could have just gotten killed... or it would have at least crushed the drivers side (with me in it). I would like to let everyone know that I love them and that I am thankfull for everything that I have in my life. It opened my eyes to the world around me, and made me love all that I have and all those I have to share it with. I want to be able to let everyone know that, I appreciate all that anyone does for me and I hope everyone knows that and if you don't, now you do! (to our parents: sorry for not telling you and let you find out by reading my blog. We just felt it was best not to stress you out at the time (or anytime we're on the road). We are doing good, we drove safely and wereacted correctly. Thank you for raising me not to freak out over situations and to be able pull crazy s**t off like that and still know how to think rationally or else I don't know if I'd be here writing my blog to tell anyone about it....)

I seriously don't know how I kept going on the road - feeling like my heart was going to burst out of my chest and I couldn't breath and I couldn't stop crying - for like 30 mins afterwards.... then a little shook up any time I saw a stupid semi coming at me.

But other than that, the drive was beautiful! The weather is beautiful (supposed to be 80+ tomorrow!), got up to 77F today! Feels really good! Not looking forward to the mosquitos when it cools off though! I got some mosquito repellant though! I got my tanning lotion (I should have laid out and enjoyed the sun, but instead I gave my hubby the "grand tour" of Fairbanks).

Hoping to be able to see some people I haven't seen in over 7 years (since college)! Felt nice to be back on campus again, my old stomping grounds! I called some people that I have numbers for and hopefully we can get together before I have the wedding to go to (but will probably be too busy). Tonight I'm supposed to meet up with the bride, go over my material that I'm going to be reading infront of everyone, and give her the present I got her! (I am a big Lush fan, they are a Canadian company that has lots of bath products like bath bombs, bubble bars, soaps, lotions, go check them out! I'm a true Lush-ie!!) She said she wanted to take a good long bubble bath, and I got her 2 each of my favorite bath bomb and bubble bars. So I figured it would be best to give her the present tonight, so she can go enjoy it!

Oh and when we got here at noon our room wasn't ready yet at the hotel, so we had to go waste 3 hours until check-in time. That really made me wish we left Anchorage later than we did! Oh well... not going to stop me from hitting the road that early when we go back!! At least now I know it's only a 5 hour drive!

We didn't take that many pix (mostly because I was driving and my hubby kept missing chances to take pix on the drive up... but we did take a couple pix around parts of town. Hopefully have those uploaded here sometime soon. Maybe after tomorrow so I can get some of the wedding pix posted too! I am so excited to be back up in Banks after 7 years... nothings really changed that much! Happy to know I know my way around and where most the stuff is!! (I went to UAF for the fall of 2001 and spring 2002).

I really wish we had this kind of weather back at home in Akutan... shoot I'd be happy with anything over 60 all summer at home... instead of the usual 40-50F range.... but I guess I can't complain - they don't have the ocean up here... I don't think I could live this far away from the ocean... a river or lake isn't the same! I'm used to living on the ocean... and not to mention living off the ocean!

Well other than the little car incident, today was a really nice day!

So until tomorrow, TTFN!!

To all those who read my blog - thank you and I appreciate everyone who takes the time out of their day to read what I'm doing!


  1. Road trip!!!!

    Does AK have any limited access interstates like we do in the lower 48?
    I have friend who have drived up to AK on many two lane roads.
    What did you study in college April? Did you graduate or have you used you education in any way?


  2. what's a limited access interstate?
    Mostly 2 lane roads (one lane one way another going the other way). With some truck passing lanes(2 lanes).

    I did basic study in college, I am a year from graduating because I didn't want to go with the degree I was originally persuing. I was going in for Wildlife/Marine Biology - then found out that was just fancy for an observer (like the fish observers on the boats at home)... I don't want to do that! I orignally wanted to be a vet or work with animals..
    I think I might take some distance ed classes and look at accounting.... I like numbers and formulas so that might be good for me... (but I hate graphing calulators and classes that use them!) so I don't know what to do about finishing my Math courses.... would have to really refresh my memory again!

    but I got most my core classes done, just need to work on courses to graduate (fulfill the degree requirements). I didn't know what I wanted to do... still really don't... but at least I know I have all those credits and a great GPA!

  3. Math really is a use or lose it deal I feel.. I had to sit in a HS algebra at age 33 to help the students in special ed struggling with it. I had forgotten the formulas, shortcuts etc. Math is hard for me to learn just reading a book, I like to be taught that topic!!

    A limited access highway is a four/six lanE highway with a physical center divide between the different directions of travel, in CO it is usually just a ten foot long ditch of whatever native vegetation grows in the area. SOme cities have concrete barriers or fencing dividing the directions of travel. There are no stop signs, lights, etc. you must enter and exit at a designated ramp.

    I twittered you about mosquitoes sizes, have seen some funny shirts on the SIZES of AK mosquitoes.


  4. I'm so glad you made it thru that close call, we never know when our life can be taken, i believe the Lord was watching over you and your husband. Thank the Lord for that. I will keep you in my prays for safe travel.


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