Wednesday, June 3

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Well woke up to another pour down rainy day! Glad it dried up long enough to get our lawn mowed last night, I actually still have my dad’s mower in our outside hallway because it got late and we didn’t want to walk it back into town. Once it dries up again I’ll take it back down and put it away! My neighbors were very thankful, they noticed that I cut their yards too - I figured I had a lot of gas still and it doesn’t take too long! Plus I was considering it my workout since I broke a sweat! I cut a lot more of the taller “beach” grass and some salmonberry bushes down… trying to extend our yard over the hill a bit. I call it reclaiming yard – since I’m cutting it short and keeping it that short the good lawn grass can grow and the thicker beach grass won’t be able to live being that short! I love how green our yard turns! The dogs ran out and were enjoying running around the freshly cut yard – and getting wet at the same time. Dante of course didn’t leave my side as I stood on the porch watching Roscoe and Tug play around.

After putting the dogs away, I headed down to the office. I got the charge slips entered in the book, and then started to enter last month’s paperwork in to the spreadsheets. This morning was pretty boring and quiet. Nothing much going on in the store even, and Polly came over for a bit saying the Post Office was just as quiet! Lunch time finally rolled around and I went down to the store and bought a can of Red Salmon – figured we can have salmon spread again (salmon is good for you!). I like to have mine on pilot bread crackers, but my hubby likes his on Ritz! Those can salmon you can get from your local store are also good for making salmon patties with too!

The afternoon wasn’t as bad as the morning, at least I had a couple people come in to cash their checks: a couple locals and 2 Trident employees. Eva (our Store Manager) sent me up the next order that we need to get out… wow she’s a whole week early – that’s good! But hopefully she’s not giving it to me too early…. Well if there is anything else she’ll have to let me know by the 10th so I can get it into our vendor’s in time for the next freighter that ships out of Seattle.

Well for dinner we had Kielbasa sausage with boiled potatoes and frozen sweet corn (I won’t eat corn from a can EVER again!). After dinner I took a nice relaxing bubble bath, and then motivated myself to dry off and go work out! I am for sure going to feel my muscles being sore tomorrow after the 45 min workout I pushed myself thru. I like to try to push myself to the point where I’m going to cramp or hurt myself (pull a muscle), that way I know I’m working my muscles to their maximum. I like to alternate from yoga one day, then a good aerobics exercise (I like to use Carmen Electra’s Fit to Strip series, I like the second disc out of the 5 disc set) with a resting day in between workouts so your body can “repair” its self before I work it out again. I felt good afterwards that I got my butt up and finished the whole 45 mins workout… I could have gone longer, there are parts on there that emphasize parts of the body with workouts targets to that area, but I just do the main 45 min part! That’s long enough for me!

We stayed up and watched The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian – last night’s show was really good, I’m hoping tonight’s will be just as good! The first show sucked… I don’t really like Will Ferrell…. He’s kind of weird and the way he tried to upstage Conan on the first night, what a prick!

Well until tomorrow, TTFN!

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