Wednesday, June 24

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Well woke up to another beautiful clear calm morning! The water is almost as smooth as glass; there is barley a breeze flowing thru the air, the tweety birds chirping way and eagles screeching in the distance. Looks like it’s going to be a nice day today! We took the pups out to do their thing before heading down to town.

The office was pretty quiet this morning. I got a couple more projects the auditors had me on done and sent in to them. I have to make sure to get the store order out today too. I think we have a couple people checking out of the hotel today too when the plane comes in. I spend a couple hours on the phone with our credit card company doing updates on our machines. Our check reader stopped working so I had to spend almost 2 hours on the phone with them getting everything re-downloaded and re-programmed. We finally got it working then I went to lunch!

Went to the café for lunch today… got the usual French dip and my hubby got chicken nuggets… pretty quiet at the café too… other than us there was only 1 other person eating lunch.

This afternoon was just as quiet at this morning was. I had a couple people come up to cash their checks. The plane came in at lunch time, and like I thought we had a couple people check out of the hotel. I heard there was a little bit of mail that came in too… I got the store order into the computer then off to our vendors. Next I have to price the order we have coming in this weekend on the freighter.

The weather is still clear, but it got cloudy and it seems like it’s going to want to rain out. There are rain squalls/fog across the bay… with slight sprinkles here in town. Not stopping the kids from playing “tag” on the play ground, so cute listening to them yell “NOT IT”! I remember playing tag! The temps have only been getting to the mid to high 40’s, I wish it would get sunny and warm and let me get a good base tan…. Guess I have to rely on a tan from a bottle this year :P

My hubby is helping work on cutting the grass in the ball field for the City. They are getting the field ready for 4th of July. We usually have games and a potluck out at the ball field. We have games like: egg toss, 3 legged race (2 ppl req’d), bobbing for apples, then there are the eating competitions: pie, watermelon, & lemon and new this year, the Hot dog eating contest. After the games and food people usually play a game of baseball until it’s time to shoot off fireworks! I like watching the Guys VS Girls Tug-O-War (the guys always usually win… they won’t just give it to us once….) I can’t believe how fast this year has gone by already!!

I don’t know what I’m going to get us for dinner tonight. I get so tired of eating the same stuff over and over, it gets so boring… I am looking forward to knocking out another workout on my Wii Fit! I am trying to make sure to get at least all the yoga poses done once a day and do my weigh in! I’m excited about being able to keep track of my progress on the graphs!

We ended up getting about 5 flights in today… I need to go get paperwork done at the Post Office and make sure to get the deposits done. I am going to start to train Polly on getting the paperwork done herself so that when I leave I know she’ll be able to take care of everything. Well hopefully our Post Master should be back here soon (she said end of the month)… and she’ll be able to come in and do the paperwork. I felt so bad when she asked me to go to work at the PO for a week so she can go home and clean her house up, baby proof and throw a baby shower for Kay when she gets home… but the Post Office pays me $3.50 less an hour and they only pay you every 2 weeks (mail your check). With the Corp I get paid every Monday. I need that extra $3.50 an hour for our trip (gas, food and spending money)… So I sadly I had to tell her no… if I wasn’t leaving anywhere I would defiantly go down there for a week for her…..

Well I hope everyone had a great Tuesday! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

The kids at the city playground

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  1. Five planes coming in.. don't think I have ever read of that many planes in a day.

    Will you be on French Dip withdrawl on vacation??



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