Wednesday, June 17

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Well woke up to a calm morning, but it’s foggy out… my hubby is feeling sick; he’s been up all night and most the morning throwing up. He thinks he might have food poisoning or something but we both ate the same thing (hot dogs) and I feel good... Guess he isn’t going to go fishing today. I took our pups out for their morning walk, then let them inside and headed down to take care of Boss then go to work.

My mom get’s the charge slips into the book before I got in, again… Nothing much going on in the office this morning… a couple people came up for cash… the phone rang a couple times: mostly people making hotel reservations. I got some paper work into the computer, then worked on some spreadsheets I’m making… trying to get our daily sheet on the computer then we can print a copy for our files, instead of it all hand written on a sheet… that way when it comes to end of the month I have it all on the computer already because we’re doing it daily! Oh, we got confirmation from Eastern Aleutian Tribes (EAT) – who run our health care out this way- that the H1N1 “swine flu” virus has been confirmed in a person from King Cover, AK. Not too much farther up the peninsula (North) from here… With how many transient processors we have working in these areas; I’m not that surprised that it’s getting closer to “home”. Just have to be safe and sanitary, wash your hands, and cover your coughs and sneeze.

For lunch today we decided on some of the Banquet chicken tenders we got from the store the other day. We have to cook up that halibut tonight, we didn’t skin it yet, just filleted it and put it in the fridge… Thinking I might wrap pieces of halibut in bacon and BBQ it… with BBQ sauce! I need to go get my C.O.D.s (cash on delivery) from Wal-Mart out of the Post Office so I can get our new grill I sent down. I love how some of the bigger stores in Anchorage offer a “Bush Mail Service”. Where we can shop in their stores (like Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer), and we fill out a COD form, and they will ring up, package and mail it to your local Post Office. Then you go down with either cash or a check and go pay for it, and you get your stuff! I used to use this service a lot, but now since postage rates are an arm and a leg I only order/buy stuff I really need (I’m am impulsive buyer…. So half the time I send home stuff I didn’t really need to get in the first place!).

I got back down to the office, and it was pretty quiet most the afternoon. Eva got a store order ready for me, but I told her she’s a week early for the order… we have an order leaving this Friday and we need to know what didn’t get shipped before I can send out our next order. That and I don’t want them to be ordering anything that we have coming in next week… our storage area isn’t that big, so we can’t have too much inventory on our hands. So she said she’ll wait and bring it back to me next week… lol!

I went down to the Post Office and got the rest of the paperwork caught up and got the Registered mail all packaged up and ready to go out if the plane tries. The weather don’t seem too bad, it’s nice and sunny here in the harbor, but once you look out towards the pass it’s all dark and covered in fog... still not going to stop us from hoping for the plane! After getting the paperwork done, I paid for my COD’s and my hubby came and picked them up. He told me that he was thinking about cooking steam bath today too! That sounds like something to look forward to after work!

Well not a bad day at the office! I feel good knowing that I got all the bank reconciliation done and I can’t wait to let our auditor’s know! They told me that if I got it all done that would make their job easier and they wouldn’t have to work as long (saving us money).

After work I went to steam bath! A nice and relaxing 155F without “throwing” water on the rocks… my hubby asked me if I was crazy as he got on the lower benches and I was on the high bench just taking in all the heat… I don’t know what the temp of the steam is… but it’s so hot it makes your ears feel like they are being cooked! Sometimes it’s so hot that your body doesn’t really know what to do and you get cold chills and all your hairs stand up! About 45 mins later (and 3-4 cooling sessions), I finally started to make my way home for the day.

Around 7:30PM I got our grill prepped, started and pre-heated – skinned the halibut, cut it up, then wrapped pieces in 2 kinds of bacon, then proceeded to the hot grill! An hour later I was finally finishing up all the bacon wrapped goodies, generously coated in BBQ sauce. We indulged ourselves in the great smoky flavor of the perfectly cooked pieces of goodness! We called my hubby’s parents to come up and grab the plateful we still had left. I didn’t want to waste it! We also gave them a fillet of halibut (raw) so they can cook it up any way they want to! I love halibut fish pie, deep fried halibut, halibut chowder, baked, BBQ-ed, in burgers and tacos … I feel like that Bubba guy from the movie Forest Gump – talking about how many ways to do shrimp! LOL!

Well today was a great day! Until tomorrow, TTFN!

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  1. When Do you head out again April? I would love my sister to meet you if you are going to be here between the 26 and the 5th!


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