Wednesday, June 10

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Well the weather today went from calm and clear in the morning, to getting foggy by noon, then after lunch it was pouring rain out, then when I got off work it was slightly sprinkling out with a good amount of fog, but it was calm with no wind… we didn’t get any planes today.

Today was a pretty good day at the office. I got the store order done up and sent out to our vendors, then they got me the invoices for what we have coming in this weekend, so I’ll have those priced up by tomorrow then take the sheets to the store sometime on Friday. I worked on getting some paperwork in the computer and went searching through our files for some stuff our president asked for, so after finding what I needed I made him copies. He was happy I found everything, and was surprised that I made him copies of everything!

For lunch my hubby baked us up some chicken nuggets… I only eat like 5-6 of them :P

Nothing much to write about, today went by pretty fast. I ordered us some fuel because it’s super cold and I have my heater on all day…. Tired of these low 40F temps… how come it can’t get 70 here like the rest of the state?

Oh, Antone got the first salmon of the year!! He ended up getting 5 red salmon in his gill net! He gave us one! Yay!! So tonight I’m going to steak up the fish and pan fry it with rice on the side. I will take pics and try to get them posted. Blogger wouldn’t let me post pictures the other day, but I have them ready to be uploaded whenever Blogger wants to be nice to me!

Ok well hopefully more tomorrow, until then , TTFN!

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  1. I have seen a few of your posts about the flora of the island. I am a master gardener and have been focused on fruit trees and flowers in recent years. My bing cherry trees are about 10 days-14 days away from a great sweet crop of dark red cherries. My daylilies are about 20% in bloom and my peony has already bloomed and I have deadheaded the plant to help it grow next season.



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