Tuesday, June 9

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Well today looks a little breezy for a plane but we’ll see what happens by the time the scheduled flight is ready to come over. We took the dogs out and played some catch with them, let them do their “potty” business, played some more then took them in and put them in their “corners” then we headed down into town.

My hubby always stops and takes care of Boss and I head down to the office. I did the usual routine, then started go through all the incoming mail. We got some doughnuts in for the store in the mail yesterday, so I got myself a box and indulged on some powdered doughnuts for breakfast! I shared them with my dad. First thing I need to get done today is get our deposits all entered into QuickBooks then make sure to get them in the mail. I heard that the plane is on schedule and ready to head over. So I ran down to the Post Office to make sure that the Corps deposit is making it out (since its Express mail). Polly has been doing a great job taking care of the Post Office, happy that both of us can be making a paycheck and I don’t really have to be trying to run 2 offices at one time. Well my mom should be back tomorrow, weather permitting!

For lunch I grabbed us can food…. I didn’t really feel like cooking and the hubby couldn’t think of anything he wanted to eat… So I just grabbed a can of Dinty Moore beef stew for my hubby and a can of Chef Boyardee spaghetti and meat balls for me…… figured since I had doughnuts I didn’t have to eat much at lunch time :P

Got back down to the office, I’m stuck on reconciling our General account (I’m not finding what I need but my mom said she knows what I’m talking about so I’ll just wait for her to get back) so I decided to start doing our Payroll account. OMG, payroll account is so much easier!! I’m almost already done with this year’s whole fiscal year for our payroll account! Yay!! Here our General account takes me like a day to get a month done!! But it took me only a day to get our payroll account done up!! (Well afternoon!) Tomorrow I have to get the store order out to the vendors, Eva brought me up a small list of stuff that we need to get. So I have to find some numbers for some of the items and make sure to get that out before end of the day tomorrow.

Yay, I’m a little excited about the new carpet shampooer we got for the hotel! It finally came in today on the only plane we got (the plane didn’t come back for the 2nd flight). So I made sure to go over and get those boxes out. Tomorrow I’ll get around to opening the boxes and reading how to use this one (since it’s different than the one I own at home), then take it down to the hotel. Maybe I’ll shampoo the carpets here in the office first. I also send down a couple smoke/fire detectors because I realized that we don’t have one around/near my office!! And that don’t fly with me… so I went and got 2 of them: one for the office and one for the hallway. We have them in the storage “upstairs” above the store, and we have them in the store… but we don’t have them around the offices! So that was something I knew I had to pick up and send home when I was in Anchorage!

Well today was a pretty good day, not to busy but at least I was doing something all day, and that made the time seem to fly by! The bartender from our little Roadhouse came up and cashed all their coins in with us... about $300 in quarters from the pool table and juke box! So I counted those up and put it all on their store account, since they asked me to do that. If not I would have given them either a check or cash (which ever they prefered). Tonight we’re going to cook up all the stuff I got for stir fry last night, sounds good right now!

Well I hope everyone had a great Tuesday…. Please, everyone send/wish us some really good weather for a couple days so we can get out to the sea gull egg laying spots and see if there are any eggs yet… have to get them when they are fresh.. Don’t want baby sea gulls in them (or have them start to incubate and start to get veins and stuff in the yoke). Last year we got 11 eggs on June 11th….. But this year the weather hasn’t been nice enough to even check if they have nests yet or not! Hopefully someone can get out there soon and see what’s going on… sea gull egg (custard) pie sounds really, really good right now!!! I haven’t even been out jiggin for halibut yet….. My hubby and I are usually out fishing in May…. But like I said the weather isn’t being nice to us this year….. My freezer is sad being empty… and my dry fish stash is getting low (we’re almost out!) and I ran out of salted salmon since I only salted 2 reds last year (we didn’t really get any sockeye (red) salmon last year, maybe 5 a day from all the nets… it’s like they just didn’t come… the year before we were getting at least 40 a day from all the nets!) So hopefully the Reds show up this year… I really don’t want to have to dry up humpies again this year… I prefer dried reds over dried humpies (pinks). Also hoping it starts to warm up, it’s been pretty cool this summer so far… I usually have a good base tan by now… but this year has been pretty cold, wet and cloudy so far!

Well until tomorrow, TTFN!


  1. Colorado has also had a blessedly cool late spring early summer..we were 106 degrees on July day last summer!!!


  2. Just saw your Mum at the hotel!! Hopefully she can fly tomorrow so you cn get a rest!!


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