Tuesday, June 30

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Damn it… I knew I shouldn’t have hit the snooze button that many times this morning… ended up sleeping in until 5 mins till 10AM…. First thing I did was picking up the phone and call my mom to let her know that I was going to be late… damn it…. Hurried up and took the pups out for their morning outing, put them away then ran down to the office.

Nothing much going on this morning. Pretty cold and a little rainy, overcast skies and a slight layer of fog across the bay. There is a slight breeze blowing in the bay (from the East). Temps are in the high 40’s. The office was pretty quiet, I had to deal with the printer. The power was going on and off yesterday and it must have screwed with our network because the router wasn’t working and I had to reset it so our wireless printer would communicate with the computers! My mom didn’t want to deal with it so she just left it for me to deal with. Wasn’t too long before I got everything my mom needed printed. Mostly trying to get our deposit slips printed out so we can get that out in the mail.

The plane came in during lunch hour, we should have a couple people for the hotel coming in today... hopefully they aren’t on that plane since we’re at lunch… we decided to have some pork egg rolls for lunch. My hubby got 5 fish from his parents last night from the gill net, he scaled and filleted them up, then we realized that we didn’t have any more rock salt. So he ran up Trident earlier this morning and got 2 bags for $2.00 a piece. Washed the buckets out, and now we are layering the salt and putting the fish in! Yay, another 5 gallon bucket full!!

This afternoon was pretty quiet, not much going on. Our 2 people did come in on that plane at lunch hour, so I got them checked into their rooms and showed them where the rooms were located (since they aren’t in the same building our office is located at). One of the guys waited here in the office while his room was being cleaned, plus I didn’t have a key to give to him at the time. I explained to him some of the stuff here in town – like how many people we have, what kind of fish you can catch with a pole, where you can hike to – sounds like he’s going to be here for a while, but only a couple days…

I joined Twitter… don’t know why… but decided to make myself an account and see what all the hype about it is…. I already see I have 5 followers with in the first hour of creating my account… (Probably spammers)…. http://twitter.com/Aleutian_beauty

My hubby decided that he is going to get steam bath started up again today. Sounds good to me! I love going to steam bath! You can’t get any cleaner!! So I have to make sure to go to the store and get us some drinks. I already have the ham I got yesterday for tonight’s dinner. I should go get some pineapple and cloves, I have raisins at home…. I am looking forward to clocking in another hour or so on my Wii Fit! I love how some parts of my body feel like they are “tightening” up, loving how my legs are starting to look!! And slowly working on the little pooch of fat on my belly! Hopefully by end of the year I can reach my goal BMI (23).

Ok well until tomorrow, TTFN!


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  2. posting two my keyboard is being a pig and none of the letter "i" will type sometimes

    Hi April

    Just tied to Twitter but it didn't work I am mamawas over there (surprise). Gee am I hooked on the computer. I readlly do have a life too.

    I noticed and like the new colors/pix on this blog.

    Are most of the hotel guests Trident business people or tourists??


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