Tuesday, June 23

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Well we decided to cut the lawn last night… so while I worked out on my Wii Fit, he was out mowing our yard and our neighbors. The lawn was dry and my hubby really wanted to get the grass cut before it got any longer, because we had taken steam bath I was in no mood to be standing outside so I worked out! I love my Wii Fit! I’m having so much fun working out and playing the games and watching my weight/BMI change and track it on the graph!

This morning is beautiful once again, calm with a high layer of fog but it is clear and dry. We let the pups out for their morning outing, they are so cute when they run and chase each other in the yard, running in big circles as fast as they can! After they did their thing, we put them inside and my hubby rode me down to the office.

My mom was a little late this morning, I guess my dad, uncle Darryl and my mom were all out at the boat last night during high tide – trying to get the boat back in the water and back on to the ramp so my dad can get to the other side of the boat’s bottom so he can clean and paint it. I guess my brother was nowhere to be found, so my mom went down to help. She told me they didn’t get done until around 4-5AM!! I’m surprised she made it in to the office this morning! I got all the charge slips entered into the book, then got some of the paperwork done up for our auditors. A couple people came up for cash this morning, and the plane was on schedule with the first flight.

For lunch I didn’t know what to get us from the store, so I picked up a can of Dinty Moore beef stew for my hubby and I figured I’d have some of the cereal I have at home. I get home and pour my Life cereal into the bowl, pour my milk over it and start to eat… after 4 bites I stopped… looked at my hubby (I’m starting to gag by now), and asked him to smell the milk and let me know if he thinks it smells sour or not. Because all I smell is the cereal I’m crunching on with this strange after taste of sour milk, next thing I know I can’t hold it down and start to gag and throw up into the garbage… it’s so hard to get that nasty sour taste off your tongue….. I tried to wash my mouth out, brush my teeth, but it just wouldn’t go away…. I ended up opening up a can of smoked oysters and having some of those with pilot bread crackers…. That milk totally ruined my lunch! I was burping up sour milk a couple hours later! Damn it… here my hubby told me that milk was good… uh huh!!

Well back down to the office. I am getting the rest of last month’s paperwork into the spreadsheets, and let the store manager know that she has to have the store order up to me by tomorrow so I can have it in to our vendors. We had a couple people for the hotel come in; we are now completely full at the moment. I went down to the Post Office to help Polly with some international mail, and then helped her with some paperwork. I checked my mail and noticed I got a letter in the mail from some guy… I was thinking… “Who the hell is this guy, and why is he writing to me?” I did not recognize his name, or the city he was from. So I opened it up to see note paper that has a puffin on it and the saying “Alaska’s Stud Puffin” I was like, WTF?? Read the letter…. Wow… pretty cool… so this guy wrote to me, because he found my blog… and I guess his wife used to work here in Akutan on the processor M/V Akutan back in 1983 (the year I was born). Well, she became friends with two locals who went to work on the boat (there were a lot more than 2 locals who worked on that processor)… and her husband was trying to help her find her friends! They are both still here (well one is out fishing for the summer), and to my surprise… they happen to be coming down on the ferry that should be here this weekend!! I thought that was pretty cool! Old friends reuniting after 26 years!!

There is going to be an elder’s potluck on Friday at the Corp building (where the Tribe office is located) held by Eastern Aleutian Tribes. There were a couple people who flew down (doctors and assistants), I was called and asked to bring something. I think I might bring some Orange-coconut Salmon filets with some of the fresh reds people are getting out of their nets. Not hard to bum a couple for that reason! I don’t know what else I’d like to make and bring….. Potato salad sounds easier... But salmon sounds better! I was also asked to help with the 4th of July activities… People know I know how to make pies… so I was asked if I can make a bunch of pies for the pie eating contest. I told Sandra that if she got everything I’d make it (flour, Crisco, pie filling, pie tins). I’d defiantly make the pies this year! For the longest I’ve known I’ve always done the eating contests, and won almost every time!! But now that I’ve been watching what I eat and how much… I don’t compete in the eating contests anymore; I have stepped down from the competition! LOL… I just sit back and watch everyone now!

Well my hubby decided that he wanted to cook steam bath again, so I have that to look forward to after work. I went to the store and got us everything to have BBQ cheese burgers! Our second flight didn’t come in until around 6:30 or so, then another flight came in around 7:30 (I heard it was a charter for Trident). I worked out on my Wii Fit again for just over an hour according to my “time bank.” But I was on it for officially a little over 2 hours. I make sure to do all the yoga workouts, then I do all the strength workouts, then I do some stepping, hula hooping, some of the balance games, then finish with the longest jog they have. The first day I did it in 10 mins, the second day I did it in 9, today it took me 11 mins. I don’t know I need to find a way to hold the Wii remote better so it can keep track of my pace better!! After I got done working out, we got the BBQ grill fired up and finished cooking around 9:40PM! Late dinner, that’s ok!

Well today was a pretty good day!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!

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