Tuesday, June 2

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Another wet and rainy/foggy day in the Aleutians… sometimes it’s a light mist that gets you soaked and at other times there are these HUGE rain drops lightly falling from the sky… there really hasn’t been any wind lately, and if there is it’s a small breeze blowing in from the South. I need to get my lawn cut the next dry day!! The dogs ran out and did their thing, the little guys’ love that we have the light pole across the boardwalk for them to go on! After letting the pups back inside and putting them in their “corners” (kennels) we both headed down to town just before 9AM. The temps are in the mid 40’s.

I got down to the office and got all the charge slips entered in to the charge book, got my music going, then started to get more bank reconciliation done. Pretty quiet morning, I had a couple people come up to make some copies and use the fax machine and about 3 people who needed to pay on their store accounts (can tell they got their bills yesterday, lol). I started to enter May’s paperwork into the spreadsheets, hopefully get that finished up quickly. I think I need to get started on another store order here soon, go see what our Store Manager says we need and go thru our inventory. I noticed we are out of a lot of items that I like to buy… like Medium Salsa to dip chips in!!

For lunch we had Hebrew National Kosher Dinner Franks (hot dogs), my hubby had his with a couple spoonfuls of chili – I had mine old-fashioned on just a bun with ketchup, mustard and sweet relish!

I got back down to the office this afternoon on a mission to go thru our old files and find an invoice from one of our vendors… we are trying to order fishing poles for our store again and we would like to just re-order the same pole order we did last time… but the vendor is being a pain telling us that even with our customer number it is hard for them to look thru all the invoices to know what order we’re talking about… you would think that they would be able to look up our customer order and see all our previous orders… but I guess they can’t so I’m on the hunt looking thru boxes of our old files trying to find an invoice from 2007… hopefully I find what I’m looking for.. But I don’t think I’m looking in the right place because if it was a purchase order and we paid for it by check it will be easy to find… but if it was a credit card purchase I’m going to have to find that box and go thru all the stuff in there! At least it gives me something to do!

I got a couple hotel reservations in for this month, not too busy this month but slowly filling up… hope no one decides to just show up (like usual)…. I hate trying to fit people in and move people from one room to another because they are trying to fit in between existing reservations!... then to find out the City has lazy workers who replaced the cable in one of our big rooms… first they only put a cable long enough to barely make it into the bedroom and not into the living room where the TV is located… then they didn’t even drill a hole and put the cable in the right way!!! You wouldn’t believe how lazy they are….. They just decided to open the window and run the cable thru the window and make it to where the window can’t shut anymore because the cable is in the way… so the rooms stay SUPER cold and no wonder our heating bill is outrageous!!! I MEAN COME ON…. WHO IS THAT “SMART” TO PUT THE CABLE THRU AN OPEN WINDOW, instead of drilling a hole in the building, putting some silicone down to stop any water damage/leaks and putting it in the right way???? So I had to call the City Office to let them know and all I got was attitude back… Hey I didn’t put it thru the window; don’t get mad at me because your workers did a lazy/shit job!! What I don’t understand is that when I originally called to have the cable moved to the living room, I straight told them that the cable CAN NOT be going thru the window because we don’t want the windows open 24/7!!! How would they like if that’s how it was in their house? I would be pissed if I had to keep my window cracked just to have my cable TV! So hopefully they get someone on that tomorrow and get the cable running thru the wall and not thru an open window! I have a guy coming over on a boat tonight so I have to keep an ear out for him so I can get him checked in.

Well not sure what the hubby got for dinner… he did the shopping today since I was busy searching thru boxes of files in our storage area. Hope he got something good or I’m just going to eat cereal for dinner! LOL! Well a couple new TV shows to catch tonight… then Conan tonight after the news at 10:35PM (weird starting time but at least I don’t have to watch that Seinfeld show anymore… I don’t know why people think its funny… its stupid comedy I guess…. I’m not a big fan of it…)…

Well I had a pretty good day… my mom called a couple times with some good stories from her conference! Some funny stuff (I won’t disclose here)…… can’t believe some things some villages will do!!! At least my mom is having a good time and meeting new people at her conference, she should be back here soon – weather permitting!

I'm planning on making some alaadikax tonight!!

I thought my horoscope was funny how on the point it was today... here’s what it told me:
Some facts that you may need for certain projects might prove elusive today, April Dawn. No matter what book, website, or periodical you consult, you'll probably come across some interesting stuff, but not exactly what you're looking for. If the task is not urgent, it might be a good idea to put it off for a day or two. Otherwise you'll spend too much time looking for what seems impossible to find.

Ok well I had a great day and I hope everyone else has a great Tuesday night!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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