Tuesday, June 16

Tuesday, June 16, 2009


Woke up to the phone ringing…. So we decided to let the answering machine get it… after hearing who it was we tried to pick up but they hung up already… so we got up and walked the dogs…. About 15 mins later the phone rang again, so we answered it. It was one of our friends we grew up with, Ray, asking if my hubby wanted to go out fishing with him (jigging for cod, but with hydraulic jigging machines). My hubby decided why not and got ready to go out with him for the day. The weather doesn’t seem too bad, a little foggy out towards the pass, but looks like it might clear up in the bay! It’s partly cloudy and it looks like the sun might come out… I made my hubby a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, packed him a bag of chips and a couple cans of Pepsi. I should have thought about making him tea earlier… but I didn’t think about it until I got to the office…..

I went down and dropped my hubby off down at the skiff (at the boat harbor), picked up Boss and took him for a walk. I noticed my hubby and Ray heading out the bay in Ray’s skiff. After walking Boss I put him on his line and headed to work. I noticed that my mom got all the charge slips entered in for the day. Since she helped me yesterday with some of the bank reconciliation, I am moving along pretty quickly! Hopefully have our general account finished up by end of the day! Pretty quiet morning in the office, the phone barely rang and no one coming by for cash… maybe this afternoon I’ll see someone other than my mom and Eva…

For lunch I went home and had a can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and meat balls… then I decided to make a mixed berry sorbet (strawberries, blueberries, raspberries, and blackberries – the frozen kind), it turned out really good! I need to get some cream so I can make some ice cream! I don’t want to just use milk…. I can make a buttermilk ice cream…. Hmmm…. I still want some cream, and I wouldn’t mind some half and half… I’ll see what I can do for now…

Got back down to the office, and it took me most the day, but I finished all the bank reconciliation work on our general account, yay! Feels good to know I have all that done and caught up to our newest bank statements. I had a couple people come up for cash, and had some people call and make reservations for the hotel. I went down to the Post Office and got caught up with all the paperwork, then put it all into the computer. After I was done with that, I grabbed all the cash and took it to the Corp Office so I can turn it in for 4 checks, we usually buy cash from the Post Office and the bar. So much better when the cash stays in town and just circulates… instead of us having to pick up cash all the time!

I went to the store and got everything for hot dogs tonight… I’m not sure what time my hubby is going to be home from fishing… the weather at 4:30 is getting just beautiful out! There is a slight breeze but the sun is shining, and it feels pretty warms out! Can’t wait to get off work and go walk all the pups!

First I walked Boss, let him do his thing… we usually take a “walk” down to the flats and back to Charlie’s (Boss’ owner)… Boss runs and I ride the 4-wheeler!! After taking Boss home and putting him out on his tie out line, I gave him some food and water… then I went home and walked my dogs… I usually just play with them in our yard, since Tug can just chase a ball and the little guys run around. By now it’s about quarter after 6, and I hear nothing from my hubby yet… so I went inside and watched some TV. By quarter to 8 my hubby texted me that they were going to offload their catch at Trident and they should be back at the dock in a little bit… finally I was thinking… but hey, that’s the life of a fisherman… I should know… I’m a fisherman’s daughter! I know how long my dad and brother would go out for… They would leave around the break of dawn usually and be back late in the day, since we have daylight for so long up here… Right now the sun is still up and shining well past midnight, it’s so hard to go to sleep at night when it’s still daylight out!! So after his text message, I went down grabbed Boss and took him for a walk down to the flats really quick. I picked some “putch-keys” and grabbed some for my hubby, then started to head down to the boat harbor. I decided I’d put Boss away before heading down, he’s old and I don’t need to over-run him! So I gave him some water and put him on his line, we’ll put him inside when we drive back by.

By this time it’s about quarter after 8 and I was waiting down the boat harbor for them to tie the skiff up, clean up a bit then head home. I noticed my hubby saved a small halibut that he caught, he figured he’d bring it in since we didn’t have any fresh halibut yet this year! I think I’ll make chowder tomorrow… that or pan fry it and make burgers… so many possibilities!!! We jumped on the bike and drove home, stopping to put Boss in for the night and make sure he had some food… then we went home and my hubby cleaned the halibut (it’s about 35-40lbs) he brought home. I went inside and started the hot dogs I had thawed out and ready. I think he’s supposed to go out tomorrow if the weather is nice enough…

We didn't get any planes today... guess there was either fog inbetween or it was foggy in Dutch because it was beautiful and nice out here!!

Well today was a pretty good day! So until tomorrow, TTFN!

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