Thursday, June 4

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Well today is another kind of wet day, not raining as hard as the last couple days. Actually looks like the rain might stop and dry up…. Finally! The temps are in the low to mid 40’s. I wish it would warm up more that it is…. Oh well, can’t complain about what we get! No one has been able to go check for sea gull eggs yet this year… which really bothers me a lot…. It’s also already June 4th and I haven’t been out jiggin yet this year! Not sure if we’ll have time to be able to go out and get some subsistence fishing done with our work schedules now. It used to be so much easier when we didn’t have full time jobs and we could go out whenever the weather was nice… now on nice day’s I’m stuck looking out the window of my office wishing for 5 to come faster! At least I still have the weekends to look forward to doing stuff on! The dogs went out and did their thing, and then we headed down into town. My hubby makes sure to take care of and walk Boss – Boss has been doing a great job listening to my hubby, which is a good thing!

I got down to the office today and did the usual morning routine. Nothing much happening in the office, a couple people down in the store shopping. Then around 11AM I heard our store manager screaming, so I ran down stairs… to my surprise I found her chasing a small rat (mouse) that had one of its legs stuck on one of those sticky rat traps. I tried like hell to help her catch the little rodent, but the lucky bastard made it to a hole in the wall (that we didn’t know about until now because we had to move the wheelchair access ramp and there was an obvious visible hole in the wall!) and the sticky pad ended up popping off his foot once he got inside the hole. Damn it we almost had him! Both of us screaming and jumping and hitting it with broom sticks! LOL!!! So I made sure to put a whole bunch of Deacon Rat pellets in and around the hole then stuck another sticky pad in front of it then put the wheel chair access back. Totally gross!!! Damn rodents… we’re doing everything we can to keep those little bastards out of the building! Then I swear I go back to my desk upstairs and I can hear a rat digging and chewing on something in the ceiling… couldn’t have been anything else – there was no one on the roof so what else could it have been making that sound?!?!?!?! So that was the excitement this morning! LOL!

Now at lunch time the weather has cleared up quite a bit and it’s dried up finally! Most of the fog has lifted or disappeared and I can easily see Akun island (about 7-8 miles away). Maybe we’ll actually get a plane! Our last plane was May 28th, the day I worked at the Post Office! Polly has been doing a great job holding the chair down at the Post Office, as I’ve been doing my job holding my chair down at the Corp office. I’m happy that the both of us can be making a paycheck, instead of just me trying to hog up all the hours! For lunch I had a can of Chef Boyardee Spaghetti and Meatballs and my hubby heated up a can of Dinty Moore beef stew.

This afternoon was pretty slow. I didn’t see anyone but my hubby and the manager of the Cattle Co (their office is down the hall from mine) all afternoon. I can hear our store manager talking to various people as they come in to go shopping. So cute to look outside and see grandparents with their grandchildren out enjoying each other’s company and playing on all the new playground equipment! There are a pretty good amount of kids who are back for the summer, then we have a good handful of little kids (4 and under).

I was only really actually busy taking phone calls most the day, getting a lot of people asking for openings during certain times and we’re already booked so they are checking with the airlines on other dates and calling me back again before finally booking their stay. Some people call for prices and to ask what all we have out here because they are thinking about coming out. I try my best to explain (sell) what all we offer here in Akutan. Hopefully our restaurant is going to open again. I was talking with my hubby and told him I’d like to try to maybe workout every day until we leave to one of my best friend’s weddings… try to look my best, I haven’t seen most of the people who are going to be there since I met them when I went to UAF! It’s going to be great to get together again!

My bank reconciliation is going smoothly up until now. I have one transaction that I’m searching for information on, nothing too big… if I can’t find it I’m going to call our auditors to see what I have to do. I think I just have to wait for my mom to get back and she’ll know where to look… so I’m not too worried about it… so I’m just going to move on to another account tomorrow and get the store order into the computer, print it out and get it to our vendors… hoping I’m not sending it too early.. I have to make sure that they got the last order that was faxed into them while I was gone, that order should be leaving Seattle tomorrow… so I’ll call and see if my mom and Eva made the deadline for the order or not…. If not I’m going to have to make sure not to over order (double order) anything that was on the last order to what I’m getting ready to send in! At least that gives me something to do. Surprised that the plane never came in, it seems to be pretty nice outside! It’s about 45F and clear out... it sprinkles lightly once and a while, but mostly dry with just high over cast clouds and patches of blue! The sun seems like it wants to hide behind the clouds! Wonder what the weather is like over in Dutch Harbor (CB????)? I know Polly has been pretty bored down in the Post Office… a plane full of mail would really make her happy!

I got some of the hotel billing finally figured out. I was waiting on correct check-out dates… I didn’t have a person checked out yet, but I know that room is empty because I have the keys for it and I know my hubby cleaned it already because he does room checks and lets me know each room’s condition. I also finally got a copy of my video presentation from the APICDA community conference burned on a disc and mailed off to the Juneau office so they can put it on the APICDA website! Yay... we only had one day’s worth of planes since I’ve been home, so hopefully it gets out of here soon. I had to get a burnable disc first… not like there are that many in the village! I had to search for some! I don’t use them anymore since I got my iPod!

My hubby let me indulge a bit and let me order a couple more pairs of shoes (I got 3!)…. So I got a couple cute heels and a pair of gladiator flats… I LOVE SHOES!! Especially cute ones!! Not like I can really wear them here in the village… but I love wearing them when I travel!!! eBay is probably the first place I go to look at shoes :P…. but you can get some good deals on some shoes… I have this really cute pair (in black and orange) that I have and I saw those same ones (or at least it looked like it) in a couple magazines: Cosmopolitan, and in Star magazine on Audrina Patridge (from MTV’s show The Hills). Yay so something other than my ice cream maker to be looking forward to in the mail!!!

Well I’m not sure what we’re going to have for dinner tonight… I should go get something… maybe make meatloaf… but I’m lazy to make mashed potatoes and gravy… but I guess I can get it done… if there are no frozen green beans then I guess I can go for corn on the cob! I also have to get my butt over to the Post Office to work on paperwork again and get it all entered into EMOVES (Electronic Money Order Voucher Exchange System) and get all the paperwork uploaded to St. Louis! Then I’ll have to get the paperwork done up for the store, then for my office then I get to get off work and go home! Hope there is something interesting on the tube tonight! I am thinking of cramming in a 50 min yoga session too tonight!! I’m hoping to lose at least 15-20 more pounds so I can be right around my hubby’s weight, plus according to the BMI calculator, that would get me right around a normal weight for my height. Right now my BMI is at 26… I remember looking at it when it was 32!!!!!!!!! Feels good to look in the mirror and see all the hard work I’ve done. Keeping track of how many calories we take in, portion controlling our meals, and trying to break a sweat doing something every day, watching how much pop I’m drinking and cutting out all the junk food I used to live by is really helping me see the weight just seem to melt off!! Feels good to go from a size 13 to a size 7!! I still can’t believe that when I was in Hawaii I was all proud of how my body looked in my black bikini and I was 198+lbs!!! Now I look even better, but I just want to work on my abs more… try to get rid of that small pouch of fat that sits right under your belly button along with some other key parts I’m trying to tighten up! The inner part of my thighs is one of the hardest parts that I’m trying hard to work on other than my abs! I’m very proud when I go shopping now and I’m like “Wow, I would never think I could fit into a size Small ever… but Mediums actually have room on me!!!” I’m used to looking at myself as a size Large, like I was used to wearing all my life… shopping is fun and sucks at the same time (since I don’t know what size I fit!)…. At least I know my shoe size hasn’t changed!!!

Well I hope everyone has a great Thursday!!! (Hey CB, I can’t believe the lupines are already blooming over there in Dutch already, they aren’t even close to pushing the purple buds out yet!) Darn, the plane didn’t even try… maybe the weather will be nice tomorrow….. So until tomorrow, TTFN!!

I have to go take some pics to post... my blogs been looking kind of bland without any!! :) so hopefully I'll get out and take some here soon!! Rain or not!


  1. why is it women always scream at the signt of a rodent and jump on a chair?? Must be genetic..we don't want the critter climbing up our leg!!!

  2. oh I know right!! I didn't want that little thing to jump on me or anything... I was kind of just jumping and stomping down so if it did try I'd be able to try to kick it or something! It was funny, you had to be there!!

    I think of Tom and Jerry cartoons with that woman who jumps on the chair and lifts like 10 skirts!!! LOL!!

  3. Wow very nice blog. My wife Judy and I were in Akutan last month while Darryl was gone to San Diego. It's one of the pettiest places I've ever been to. We are in Whittier now and enjoying every minute of it. Maybe sometime when the PA takes off again we will be back.


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