Saturday, June 6

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to my Aunt Nina! Love you lots!! Also, RIP Grandpa Bob, today is the day we lost my grandpa in that Ultralight accident over the Knik Arm 5 years ago. I love you lots grandpa and I hope you’re watching over us and happy with all we’ve done!! Miss you!

Well finally got to sleep in! The weather is still foggy and windy and a little wet at times. The dogs went and did their thing, then we went inside and watch some CNN, see what’s going on in the world. We didn’t really do much today. I went down to the store and got the paperwork out at noon, then I went home and cooked us up breakfast for brunch. Scrambled up some eggs, fried up some bacon and toasted some bread! For dinner we had a bowl of cereal, since I forgot to get something from the store for dinner.

We didn’t really do much today. We went down and looked at the improvements on my dad’s boat the F/V Aleutian Vista. He’s done a lot of work on that boat, it’s looking really nice! We stopped in the bar and bought a couple bags of chips since we were in that area… I grabbed a Find Words (word search) book from my dad’s boat, he had a couple so I figured I’d take one for when we’re bored (something to do). I swear I did like 6-7 of the word searches last night, I like the Angle Search and the Number searches (the number ones really seem to challenge me a bit, way more than the ones with letters!).

I made sure to call my Aunt Nina, but she wasn’t home so I made sure to let my Gram let her know I called to try to say ‘Happy Birthday’!!! For some reason our long distance isn’t working on our home phone (I heard a lot of people’s long distance is out), but at least we have cell phones!

Well I had a great Saturday and I hope everyone else did!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!!

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  1. Just to let you know your Grampa Bob passed away June 5 2003, 6yrs ago and he is so missed


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