Sunday, June 28

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Wow, couldn't ask for a nicer day than today. The water looks like glass, the sky is a beautiful blue color with no clouds in view, the sun slowly creeping higher in the sky, giving off a nice amount of heat! We let the pups out, and I just stood there, soaking in the warmth from the sun.

My hands and arms are so sore today from pulling that line up a million times yesterday... after sleeping in a bit, we got up and enjoyed the nice weather from our porch as the pups enjoyed playing around. We finally decided at noon to get our butts moving and get bath started up. The freighter came in yesterday so we should have some pallets down at the store. The barge came in so we decided to head up and say hello. On our way we stopped and put the bath rugs in the washer with 1/4 cup of bleach, started a fire, then headed up to Trident. After visiting for a couple mins, they were busy working, we headed back to bath. We still need to scrub the inside with bleach, cut wood and put the rugs in the dryer before the stove gets it too hot in there!

OMG bath felt so good, I took in so much heat... even with the vent open and sitting on the floor I was still getting "cooked". It felt so good though on my muscles... it took a while to cool off since it's so nice and sunny and warm out. I can't believe we cooked bath on a day like this! But I'm worn out from yesterday and don't really want to be out trying to do anything today but enjoy the weather.

So after bath, I decided that since most of the people in town were out at Akun or across the bay or out in the skiff somewhere, that I would actually put my bikini on and lay out in my front yard to soak in some rays and work on my tan. So I threw a blanket out on the yard, grabbed my tanning oil and laid there listening to the sweet sounds of tweety birds, eagles, and crows. A boat in the distance and Trident making some noise. I hear a couple 4-wheelers driving around in town. The sun feel so good and there is barely a breeze in the still calm air.

I was laying in our yard for a good hour on each side before I decided that was long enough and decided to go wash my tanning oil back off and get some after sun lotion on. I ended up getting a pretty good tan! My weather station recorded our high as 68F!! I know it felt hot, but I didn't know it actually got up to that temp! While I laid in the sun my hubby sat and cleaned Charlie's 4-wheeler off. Charlie let us use his bike while we're watching his house and dog, and my hubby likes to keep it all "spic-n-span" clean. After taking all that time to clean the bike he rode down and took Boss for a good walk, fed him then put him back on his line so he can enjoy the nice weather too (he has a nice shaded cool area and we make sure to give him plenty of fresh cold water!).

My in-laws went across the bay for a picnic, but we were going to bath when they were just going to head over there. They are going to have hot dogs, hamburgers and ribs... sounds really good but I don't really want to have to go anywhere... I'm enjoying just relaxing by the house! Luckily they brought home some left overs and my hubby went and got us some food to eat on.... we just realized that we didn't eat anything all day...... I actually realized that we haven't really been eating that well the last couple days... almost skipping meals completely and trying to make it up with one big meal.... that's not good, have to get back on a good schedule.

The plane made 3 flights today, the 2 scheduled flights and a charter. I can't believe a boat would charter the Goose just to deliver one small part for their boat. But I guess that time spent not fishing is losing you more money that it takes to get that part to you so you can get back out there... I guess you do what you do, takes money to make money. For some reason, the school's fire alarm was going off. Our vollenteer fire dept got there in no time, then a good amount of other people showed up. The alarm is pretty loud. Once getting into the school and going thru everything, they couldn't find what set the fire alarm off. There was no smell of smoke anywhere in the school, and none of the alarms looked tampered with (pulled). So they finally shut it off and everyone went home after they figured there was no threat.....

I really enjoyed the weather today. I can't believe how nice it got, finally got a nice summer day!! I had a really great weekend, I hope everyone else did too!!! Well until tomorrow, TTFN!!


  1. I'm Jealous of you laying out in a bikini. I mean if I wanted the world to see my stretchmarks and humungo preggo belly I would lay out. But no one wants to see that!! Glad you had an awesome weekend!!


  2. Perfect Sunday April.
    Are you salmon fishing and line pulling??

    Also glad you posted on CB's blog. Isn't he just so devoted (as you are) to writing. Great habit to have.


  3. no we catch the salmon in a gill net, that is anchored in place out by Entrance Point.

    We pull on a handline for halibut. At the end is a baited hook (circle hook) and a good sized lead weight (so the hook can get to the bottom where the halibut are). Then we pull up and down on the line until we feel a fish biting on the other end.. then we pull it up by hand and see what we caught! I think it's so much fun and a great upper body workout!

    yeah I figured it was a while since I commented - just reading and enjoying all his great pix!! hoping the weather gets and stays beautiful so his sister can have a great trip!

    I'm excited that the 4th is coming up fast! Games, parade, potluck, baseball games, and fireworks! I am excited to watch the eating contests this year (I'm still on a "diet" so I'm not participating this year, I'll be a bystander once again!) but I offered to bake up some of the pies that people will be wolfing down in the pie eating contest!

    I'm looking forward to the fireworks though! we always have a great fireworks show!!


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