Sunday, June 14

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Well today is officially Flag Day. It's a bit foggy and windy with a little rain once and a while. We slept in then took all the pups out for a walk.

Didn't really do much today but sit around and lounge in the house with the pups and my hubby! Nice relaxing day to do nothing! I did make a batch of salmonberry sorbet though! I need to get a strainer and strain the seeds out next time.... I swore I only got a mouth full of seeds in every bite! I am going to make a strawberry sorbet tomorrow!!! I ran out of lemon juice and had to bum some from my mom (my hubby went and picked it up for me!)

We got one scheduled flight but the second afternoon flight didn't come back in because I think it got too windy out, a good Southeastern wind blowing outside. Temps in the low 50's-high 40's.

Well until tomorrow, TTFN! Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

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