Saturday, June 13

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Felt good to sleep in! Woke up around 11:30AM, I took out dogs out while my hubby ran down to take care of boss. We decided to cook late steam bath last night, we got out around 10:30PM. Took Boss out for a walk then put him away for the night, so he should be good.

We didn’t really do much today, we went to the café and I had an egg flower soup and my hubby had Mongolian beef (I had a couple bites of his!). We didn’t make anything for dinner last night because after we got done doing our yard work the café was closed and I forgot to get my salad…. So no tacos last night, so we’re having them tonight after bath (late, late dinner!).

The barge came in so we headed up there to say hello to the guys and give them some sea gull egg pie. I know the captain that is on there right now has been asking for a couple years now when the sea gulls are going to be laying, his was home last year when they were laying, this year he’s up here! So I made sure to stop by and bring them all a piece!

I also went down to the Post Office and got the rest of the paperwork into the computer, so we’re all caught up and just have to get today’s paperwork into the computer on Monday! We got a lot of planes today, not sure what they are bringing in but they brought some mail. I got my ice cream maker in!!! Yay!! So tomorrow I plan on making some salmonberry sorbet! I need to get cream and half/half in order to make ice cream (we don’t have that at our store….)….. So whenever I can get some of that I’ll make some home-made ice cream!

Once the weather clears up and gives us calm seas again, I hope someone makes it back out to harvest the sea gull eggs… it’s been a couple days so the nests should all have and egg or two by now! I know a lot of people want sea gull eggs because I kept getting calls for some. I only saved us a dozen, then handed the rest out to my neighbors, then gave about 10 to my parents. They didn’t last long! So hopefully someone goes out and gets more soon!

I’m waiting for the fish to start hitting the nets in good numbers so I can bum for some from whoever has a net out so I can start putting fish away. I need to get my buckets cleaned up and ready for salting fillets. I have to get a new tarp for my dry fish rack, clean off all my hanging sticks, and then hope for fish! I can dry up to 5-6 fish on a stick and I can fit about 10-12 sticks on my dry rack, but I don’t like to do more than 30 at a time because cleaning the fly eggs off them takes so long! Yes, the flys lay their eggs on the fish, but if you keep up on a cleaning schedule (I like to clean them twice a day), you can get the eggs off before they hatch into maggots… I hate dealing with maggots… if they hatch I usually throw that piece away… no use keeping it if it’s being “spoiled” from the hatchlings… and you can tell if they are in the fish when they are almost finished drying, I like to hang them in my “back room” (furnace room, the warmest room in the house) and have them finish drying. Dry fish shouldn’t have a smell to them, but a slight fish smell (not much). But if they have this sweet stink (any kind of smell) you know there is a maggot living in one of the fish somewhere. So we would have to go thru all the fish doing a “sniff” test to see if we can smell where it is. Once we find it we will cut it out and throw that piece away! Once they finish drying I like to put them in paper bags and freeze them right away. There are a lot of people here who like to mold their dry fish before eating it. I prefer mine not molded! I can’t wait!!

Ok well until tomorrow, TTFN!


  1. Please post photos of your fish drying project. I cannot describe how interesting I find your culture and so admire you for continuing the traditions and practices and for sharing them with us. Thank you for you lovely blog.

  2. Third from last word should be your!


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