Monday, June 22

Saturday and Sunday, June 20 & 21, 2009

Well sorry about this weekend’s blog. I’m having problems with my internet at home…

This weekend was pretty good. On Saturday we didn’t really do much. The weather was pretty nice, with some showers. A couple flights made it in and there was some mail on all of them. My Wii Fit came in today!! I am hooked I love working out on it! I love doing the Hula Hoops and the steps, all the yoga and strength workouts, and the running, all of them are super fun, especially the balance games! I clocked in about 4 hours total (about 2hrs 45 mins working out according to my “time bank”). I love how it tracks your BMI and lets you set a goal weight that you would like to get to. I weighted myself on it when I started, then weighted myself again when I was done… I lost 1.8lbs!! Probably mostly water from sweating! I am going to be sore tomorrow for sure… I thought it was funny that the game was telling me that I was going to feel it tomorrow!

We went down to the flats and picked some putchky’s for dinner to have with seal oil and dry fish. It really started to rain by the time we were ready to go home.

My father-in-law Demetri and my little bro-in-law Tom went over to Dutch Harbor and the plane didn’t come back... so I got a hold of him and asked if he could pick me up some cream and half/half so I can make some ice cream. He said he didn’t see any cream over at the “store that shall not be named” but they had half and half… so I had him pick me up 4 quarts. They should be back on the first plane tomorrow. Yay… can finally make some ice cream!

Sunday was Father’s day. The weather was pretty nice, calm with the usual fog. We went out and checked the net this morning, had 6 fish in there, they look like they were from last one. Only one was fresh so we cut the heart area to bleed the fish out, the rest were already stiff…. The net was coating in a slimy coating of kelp and whatever else. So we tried to make sure to clean parts of the net off before going back home. We brought Tug out with us, he loves going out in the skiff!

The plane made their usual 2 scheduled flights today. My father-in-law came in on the first flight, I was happy and picked up my half and half to make some ice cream! I saw my dad down on the plane ramp with his boat pulled up and he was cleaning all the barnacles off the bottom of the boat with the Fisheries Pressure Washer that we rent out (well that the Akutan Fisheries Association rents out). After he gets it cleaned off my dad said he’s going to paint it a nice blue. I wished my dad Happy Father’s day, then saw my father-in-law getting off the plane so I said Happy Father’s day to him and all the rest of the dad’s that were down at the plane. Then we headed home. My hubby’s mom wanted the fish so she can make dry fish. I need to get started on making my dry fish and get some fish salted and start getting stuff done up before we leave to one of the wedding’s we are planning on attending this year…

My hubby decided that he was going to cook bath today! I stayed home and worked out for 1 hr 46 min according to my “time bank” but I was officially on my Wii for 2hr 52min. I know I’m going to be sore tomorrow, I was already kind of sore before I started to work out! Bath is going to feel really, really good!

I made us a French onion soup for dinner. It made my house smell really good… well like cooked onions. Then after dinner, my hubby jumped on my Wii Fit and I made some chocolate ice cream. It turned out really, really good. I will take some down to my in-laws tomorrow and share since they got me the half and half!!

Well we had a great weekend! I hope everyone else did too…. I just hope it starts to warm up so we can get a nice summer here instead of cold and foggy! So until Monday, TTFN!

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