Thursday, June 11


June 11, 2009
(I have more pix today to post! Once it lets me upload them!)

An Eagle drying it's wings off
June 10, 2009

Foggy morning, looking towards town from my front porch!

Me! Loving my Sephora Brand Eyeshadow! I forget what the name is exactly but it's color #20!

My first red salmon of the year from my cousin Antone,
waiting on the cutting board!

I decided to cut my fish into steaks so I can pan fry them (I fillet the tail piece)

Getting a coating of: flour, pepper and Johnny's seasoning salt

Frying them up in a mixture of butter and bacon "drippings"

Finished ready to eat! I like my rice with soy sauce... I also like the tail because there are barely any bones to pick out!

June 8, 2009

Coast Guard Helicopter flying over town, they landed and did an expection on our fuel farm...

June 7, 2009

One of 2 dirt "roads" on the island! Both are beach roads!

The "turn-around" area down at the "flats"

This is what we call "Grandpa's Head" located down the "flats".

Anther view of Grandpa's Head (we have a rock kind of like this ahead of the bay called Grandma's Head!)

Looking at town from Grandpa's Head
First, Identify that you are looking at the right plant!

Here is one (a little one) growing in some grass, they have broad leaves and if handled wrong-it will give you a rash! They also have a slight smell to them (a sweet smell, I can't explain it!)

Push open the leaves and look at the stalks, you only want to take the ones that have the "flower" pods growing. (see pic below)

Once you itentify the flowered stalk, follow it down as far as you can, and cut it. The edible part is the small green stalk that is below the "flower" pod. You can cut the pod off and keep just the green stalk. Once getting home, rinse stalks in water, then make sure to fully PEEL the outter layer off, leaving a firm, but sweet edible stalk with a slight peppery taste. Some are "hotter" than others, I don't like to pick the ones that are freckled with red. The lighter green the sweeter and better tasting! I can't wait for them to get bigger so I don't have to pick as much. I picked these when they were considered "babies", they get MUCH BIGGER than what I was "harvesting." I was happy with what I was able to get, and so was my hubby!


  1. Great Post!! Nice to see Akutan "Greening" Up nicely!!

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