Wednesday, June 24


I took a bunch of pix last week and
posted them on my myspace...
and I just realized I never
posted them on my blog!!!
So here they are... plus a couple videos

June 16, 2009
I took Boss for a walk to the "flats"
and took some pics of some of the
flowers that are starting to bloom


Salmonberry blooms... all those pink flowers
will be berries this fall

We just call these white flowers..
they usually come in May,
but have been showing up in mid-June lately

Chocolate lily - "Stinky flower"

Cotton flowers starting to grow in
the swamps down the "flats"

The swamp at the "flats"

We call these "blue bells"

Blueberry bushes

We call these "butter cups"

We call these "orchids"

The Simeon Michael Vincler Skiff Moorage

Looking into the SMV skiff moorage

Looking into the water at a bunch of minnows,
and some slime on the surface

Tweety bird out on a putchky

June 20, 2009

The Goose landing (recorded from my porch)

My dad cleaning the bottom of his boat..

Another view...

Spraying the barnacles off,
they are a little less than an inch long
and they stink!!

My dad pressure washing the barnacles off the
bottom of his boat the F/V Aleutian Vista

June 21, 2009
The Goose, I took this from the skiff
when we were going out to check the net.

The Following 4 pix are of town taken
when we were going to check the gill net.

Hope you liked my pix and videos!! :)

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  1. Very nice picture's and video's April i love seeing picture's of Akutan, and the wild flower's.


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