Monday, June 8

Monday, June 8, 2009

Hmmm... well today looks like it might be promising for a plane. The sky is overcast but it’s clear out with no fog, there is a small breeze blowing from the Southeast, it’s not raining but the boardwalk looks wet… we let the dogs out to do their thing, after they were done we put them away in their “corners”, then we rode down to the office, my hubby always comes with me in the morning so he can go get Boss and take him out!

I got down to the office and did the usual routine, entering all the charge slips from over the weekend. After I finished doing that I noticed that all the time cards were turned in early, so I started to get payroll done. I had to wait for QuickBooks to do a payroll update, then I was able to finally get our checks printed. I had a couple of our employees waiting for their checks so they can go shopping. Around 11:30 the Goose finally came in!! YAY, a plane!!! And I heard it was full of nothing but mail!!! Hopefully they bring all the mail over, I’ve been working in the Corp Office and letting Polly get hours in the Post Office, but I went down and helped her sort mail. There was a lot of mail! I would say at least 80% of the mail is for the Trident plant….

On my way home at lunch hour, there was a Coast Guard helicopter flying over the village, I heard they are coming to town to do a check up on the City’s fuel tank farm. Our store manager and I was driving down the boardwalk, stopped to take a pic and wave hello, and we noticed them waving hi back! Eva got all happy saying did you see them, did you see them?! She’s so cute when it comes to Coasties, she’s only 59 – but she reminds me of this awesome woman named Tootis (rest in peace) and of my gram! My gram would always talk about how back in the day, when they were my age, how they would dress up and put on their red lipstick! For lunch we had Marie Calendar Turkey Pot Pies…. Quick and easy…

This afternoon was pretty busy, I ran out of cash… which really sucks because I guess everyone is getting their Aleut Corp dividend checks in and I have no cash for them… Around 2PM, the second flight of the day came in, bringing more mail on it! Out of all the box/package mail I only got my ice cream books in!! I was hoping for my shoes… or ice cream maker! Oh well, they will get here eventually!

I went back down to the Post office to help sort all the mail that came in on the afternoon’s flights. I heard that Polly had to close the counter down because she was swamped in incoming mail and there really was no room left for mail to go… and with the way we have to count all the incoming mail… she was having a hell of a time… so I went down and spent like 30 min ripping thru bags of mail like it was Christmas… first counting, then sorting out mail that has scan bars to ones that don’t, then separating town mail from Trident mail… after doing that I would go thru and scan everything… which has to be scanned all 3 times: Arrival at unit, Attempted delivery, then delivered. If it’s an item that has to be signed for, then we have to put it on the side until the Trident mail guy comes down and picks everything up so he can sign for everything. As for town mail, people get a card in their box letting them know they have a package, then they can bring the card to the counter and pick up their box (just like any other Post office, we’re no different!).

The store got some of the items we were missing from our last freighter order… so we have doughnuts, Hostess cupcakes, apple and cherry pies… along with some other items (I didn’t open the box so I don’t know… Eva will let me know tomorrow).

I got us everything for stir fry for dinner…. But we ended up watching some shows and playing Guitar Hero that we lost track of time, and by the time we realized it was too late to be trying to cook up a big dinner, so we munched on chips and beef jerky for dinner….

Well today was a busy Monday! I hope everyone has a great night! Until tomorrow, TTFN!


  1. When will we get to see you gull egg hunting and drying out fish? Can't wait to learn how to do it.

  2. hoping the weather clears so that we can go check for eggs... last year we got 11 eggs on June 11th.... but this year the weather hasn't even given us a chance to make it out there.. yeah it's flyable weather... but that doesn't mean that the swells and everything on the Bering Sea side usually isn't the best when it's been crappy out for a couple days... we have to wait for a good calm so we know the seas aren't going to "kick our butts"....
    as for the salmon...peoplpe have their gill nets out and no one is getting any fish yet. I will make sure to let everyone know once I find out who got the first fish of the year!
    people have been going casting and catching trout though!


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