Monday, June 29

Monday, June 29, 2009

Happy 2nd Birthday to my Godchild Kadance Marie!

Well today isn’t as nice as yesterday, but I’m not complaining, at least it was nice yesterday. Today it’s overcast with a light layer of fog, a slight breeze from the south. Temps happen to be in the low to mid 50’s though! Let the pups out and the little ones go flying out barking at nothing… then they run around then finally do their thing, run around some more before we make them go back inside.

I got down to the office and it was actually pretty active this Monday morning. There were a good amount of Trident employees waiting to cash their checks, so once I got in I took over and let my mom go back to what she was doing and I took care of the rest of the customers who came up. Then I finished putting the charge slips into the charge book for my mom, she started them then got swamped with people. She got payroll done, then I went down to the Post Office and got caught up with all the paperwork down there. Now I only have to get the deposits out and everything will be good down there for now. Just before noon the first flight came in, bringing a handful of mail.

We went to the café for lunch today, had the usual. (to answer your question from before, I don’t have to worry about where to go to get French dip- Arby’s has it!).

Back down the office and it was pretty quiet, except the one or two people who come up to cash their checks. I had a couple town people come up and put money on their store accounts. My mom was in a meeting this afternoon, so it was just me in the office for a couple hours. The meeting got out around 4PM.

I ordered a silicone cover for my Wii Fit balance board, but I didn’t know the color I wanted came with the little set I got (the yoga mat, usb cable and battery pack, and silicone cover all in pink!). So I have an extra one so I figured I’d send it back and get my money back for it since I don’t need 2 of them… and I don’t think anyone around here needs one… so I’ll find a box to put that in and send it back, probably tomorrow.

I went down to the store and searched for sweet pickles but didn’t find any. We were planning on frying up some cod fish with some rice, but my hubby likes to eat his with sweet pickles. Since I didn’t find any in the store I changed our dinner plan to ham, mashed potatoes, gravy and corn… Once I told my hubby what I got for dinner instead, he called around and found out his mom had a jar of sweet pickles if he wanted them. He got all happy, so did I, and we fried up our cod fish instead, ham tomorrow!

After work I worked out for a couple hours on my Wii Fit, after showering I started dinner up. I took a pic of my plate after I was done cooking.

Not too bad a day! Hopefully the weather gets really nice and sunny like it did yesterday! Until tomorrow, TTFN!


My fried cod fish and rice dinner.

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