Monday, June 22

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Tiny Robin!!

Well today is a pretty nice day! I made some chocolate ice cream last night and put some away in one of my Tupperware containers to bring down to my in-laws this morning. The weather is pretty cool out, high 40’s. The sky is overcast but it’s clear out. There is a slight fog trying to precipitate across the bay, but its looks pretty dry out. We let the pups out to do their thing, I had to go chasing Dante as he was trying to “kill” a Trident employee, running down the boardwalk towards the guy. I was pissed that he wasn’t listening and I had to go chasing after him. I’ve been trying to “trust” him and take him out without a leash… that’s what I get for that! Here I don’t need to be running, my damn legs are sore from clocking in so much time on my Wii Fit!! So we put the dogs in then headed down to the office.

This morning was busy but quiet. We had our usual employees come drop off all their time cards, and then most of them showed up just before lunch to pick up the checks. My mom had the charge slips entered in for the day. I had a couple little projects that I had to finish up. We have the store order to price up, we had a freighter leave Seattle on Friday. I have to get the new order done up and sent in to our vendors before Wednesday. Lunch time rolled around pretty quick!!

We ended up going to the cafĂ© for the usual again. I have to stop eating there, I’m going to put on weight eating fries all the time!!

Got back down to the office this afternoon, went to the Post Office and picked up all the Corp mail. We got some more ink for the printers, yay! I need to get a small office order done up here soon too…. I let Polly know I’ll be back down later to work on paperwork and to transfer some of the stamps from my till to her till so she can have stamps instead of depending on the meter.

This afternoon was a little more active, people wise. I had about 6 people come up to cash their checks, out of those 6 - 5 of them put money on their store accounts. I had a couple calls for the hotel, mostly people canceling reservations or changing their dates (pushing their check in date to a later date, and then staying longer). I also got a call from our City Admin asking for hotel rates for one of the projects they have going, I think she said it was for the boat harbor we’re supposed to be getting a head of the bay. Companies getting ready to put their bids in on getting the project done, so they need hotel rates. Was really good to talk with her! I met her at the APICDA community conference, I saw her before once here in Akutan but wasn’t aware of who she was. So far I think Susan is doing a great job and I love how well she gets along with everyone! It’s always great to have someone who has great people skills!

I went down to the PO and got all the paperwork and deposits done up and ready to go out, then transferred most of my stamps to Polly’s till since she’s working more than I’ve been. Lorraine, our CHA (community health aide) called me and let me know that they are having their elder’s potluck this Friday and they would not only like to invite me to come, but they wanted to know if I could donate any kind of food. I told them yes! I always love sharing food with everyone… maybe I’ll make potato salad… or maybe I can make a homemade ice cream cake… hmmm… or grab a fresh salmon and make a fish pie…. I’ll have to figure out what I’m bringing before Thursday rolls around….

Well I got us everything for pork chops tonight… my work day was pretty good, seemed like time flew by today!! I can’t wait to maybe to clock in at least 30 mins on my Wii Fit tonight!! I need to go see what kind of tarps we have down at the store and get a small one for my fish dry rack so I can get some fish started up next time anyone gets any and I can bum for some!

Oh I have some pictures to post and maybe a video when I remember to bring my camera and put everything on the computer! Then whenever blogger lets me upload them… maybe I’ll do that tomorrow… our first scheduled flight made it in today just before lunch hour, they brought over a small amount of mail on each plane and like 6 passengers. Polly got all the outgoing mail in the Post Office out on the flights today! We should be getting our second flight late tonight, sometime after 5:30 or so. I think we have a couple people for the hotel coming in too… so hopefully my mom checks them in so I don’t have to run down to the office… she lives closer!

Ok well until tomorrow, TTFN!

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  1. Hi April,

    I was googing this AM on the computer and found a DC picture your blog posted in February of the Northwestern, made me think of all the people who were following your blog when the fishing season was in full go mode!!
    I am glad to still read about daily.. I found you because I follow DC, but now I like reading about life on the island


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