Monday, June 15

Monday, June 15, 2009

Well woke up to another slightly foggy, slightly breezy morning, but at least it’s dry out! Doesn’t look like the sun will come out today, but it sure does feel and look like it wants to rain! We let the dogs out and played with them for a bit before putting them away and heading down to work.

A typical busy Monday, this morning I showed my hubby how to work the new carpet cleaner that we picked up for the hotel. He’s going to go break in our new shampooer! We figured that since the Corp put all new carpets in the hotel rooms that we may as well try to take the best care for them other than just vacuuming them after each guest’s stay. So once a month or so he’s planning on getting all the carpets cleaned up (depending on how much the rooms are being used that month). I noticed that my mom already had the charge slips entered from the day before. She was helping me with finding some of the info I needed so I can finish reconciling our general account. After she gave me the info I needed I started to whip thru a couple months before end of the day came around. I didn’t really do much but the bank rec. work and help my mom organize the incoming bills. I had a couple people come up to cash their checks, but other than that didn’t really see anyone… My mom got payroll done just before lunch time, so we'll give out the checks when we get back from lunch hour.

It started to sprinkle and it feels cold in the low 40’s…. My mom and mother-in-law were joking around this morning (I think they might have been serious though…) about going out to pick sea gull eggs this morning. I guess my father-in-law said he just looked at them and said “crazy women, it’s blowing like 30 out there!” My mom said they looked at each other and started to laugh! What were they thinking?? This weather isn’t nice for picking eggs!! They would probably break before getting back because of the high seas!! Not to mention how dangerous that would be with the wind and the rain!

Well we had grilled cheese for lunch, for dinner we decided to eat at the café once again! My hubby went for a chicken burger with no cheese. I missed having French Dips… so that’s what I had, with cheese on everything!!! One of the only things that sucks is that I’m trying to watch my weight!! Sometimes, I pig out then I feel all guilty afterwards because I’m trying to watch my weight, but it never used to be like that… I’d always eat whatever I wanted, in any amount when I wanted… and I for sure noticed when the scale hit 216!!! So I tried to change my whole routine, how I eat, how much I eat and especially what I’m eating, then trying to make sure I get some kind of a work out thru out the day, then a serious 30-50 min workout 2-3 days a week. So far I am down to 161.4 this morning! I hope to be able to drop another 20-25lbs and I’d be happy! As long as I can get myself within a healthy BMI I’ll be happy, I am really enjoying how I look and it’s hard for me to go shopping because I still see myself as that Large sized girl… when in reality Med size clothes are starting to have a good amount of room in them!! I would have never thought that I would ever fit a size small… I’m not a small sized person!!! Like I ordered this super cute dress to wear at one of my BFF’s wedding’s, and I ordered it in my dress size… right… well it comes in… and I put it on and LOVE how it fits and how it looks… then I notice that the tag said it was a size small… I looked at my hubby and said I would have never thought that I could fit something in that size if I was looking at it in a store!! Happy I went with my dress size number instead of the usual sizes of small, med, large!!

No planes today... too foggy and windy out! My mom called me and let me know that she was given 6 fish from Joe and Lorraine Loyd, I guess they got around 60-70 red salmon in their gill net last night and they were trying pass some out to everyone in town... I'm waiting to get like 15-20 of them so I can start to dry them.... I don't want to dry only 2-4 fish at a time until I have enough.. I like them to all be hanging up within the same time period so I don't have to keep track of when each fish started to dry so I know when to take it down! Not putting a little up here, then a couple the next day.. and so on until I have enough on my rack.. I need to clean my buckets out so I can get some fish salted.... I need someone to help me make a smoker and how to make bring and how long to brine it so I can smoke salmon... I also want to be able to can fish this year in jars... so I have to get us a pressure cooker sometime too!! Eventually need to go to our store and pick out a new tarp for our fish drying rack (the one we had last year has a big hold in it from pulling it out of storage... opps...). Hopefully the fish start to hit my hubby's parent's net here soon so we can get some fish... I don't like bumming from other people, but I will if I have to!!

Well, until tomorrow, TTFN!

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