Monday, June 1

Monday, June 1, 2009

Well woke up to another rainy morning. Dante hates the rain and doesn’t like to leave the porch, he’ll stand there on the stairs and watch his brothers do their thing, then he’ll get “brave” and wonder out with his ears down and hurry up and pee then run back inside! My boy’s are so cute! Finally starting to let Dante out without a leash on, he’s learning what ‘come inside’ means! With all this fog and rain we definitely aren’t getting a plane in today!

I got to the office a little before 9, I swear I am the only one up this early on a Monday morning! Where is everyone? Around 10 I finally started to see people walking around and going shopping at the store. I am working at the Corp Office and letting Polly work in the Post Office so that both of us are making a paycheck!! I have a lot to get done today. QuickBooks is updating payroll, so I have to wait for it to get done before I get payroll finished this morning. So I got all the charge slips entered in to the book for the last couple days, then proceeded to get the billing done up. By the time I finished up with the store billing, the updates were done and I was able to whip payroll out!

For lunch we had Marie Calendar Turkey Pot Pies! It’s when we eat meals that take that long in the microwave that I always joke about having 2 microwaves so we can both eat at the same time, instead of one of us finishing up eating while the other’s is just getting done!

This afternoon went by pretty quickly. I got another month reconciled, yay! Now I am stuck on a month and have to wait for my mom to get back so she can help me look for some info. I ordered 50 gallons of heating fuel for the building, felt like it was a little cold and the heat is turned up…. Our furnace guy left on the ferry and we have another guy watching the furnace’s for us… and I know our original guy used to do something to turn the furnace back on whenever we get a new delivery of fuel (if we were out). So I’ll have to make sure to get a hold of someone later I guess. Before end of the day I have to go back over to the Post Office and finish up my paperwork from Thursday… well I got it all done except my deposit (at least the weather is crappy and no planes anyways!)…. Then I made sure to get all the paperwork uploaded to St. Louis, that way the Accounting office doesn’t call asking where our 1412’s are! Everything in the Post Office is listed in their form number – we have 1412A and 1412B… then all the finance numbers for postage sales, money order sales, money order fee, and meter fees (the ones we use the most)…. I’m pretty good with numbers so it was really easy for me to get the paperwork down! Like the Pink sheet you get delivered in your box that lets you know if you have to sign for something – I believe that is 2829 (now I want to go look to see if I was right … HA HA HA)….. Also, our auditors assigned 4 digit code for all the accounts in the Corp Office, and I’m slowly getting all those memorized! (at least the ones that I deal with all the time)!

I’m happy that I got all the paperwork done up for the Post office and Corp office and everything came out even! I was able to get billing done today… and I cashed a good amount of town people’s payroll checks! Today was a good day for a busy Monday! When I went to the Post Office I noticed some junk mail in my PO Box… yay something to read tonight… Kind of looking forward to watching the new Tonight Show with Conan O’Brian tonight… I think it’s supposed to come on at 11 like Leno used to… I’ll for sure be waiting up to watch that tonight!

We got ourselves some hamburger meat and sloppy joe mix for dinner… quick and easy… plus it’s something my hubby can cook!

Well until tomorrow, TTFN! Have a great Monday night!

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