Thursday, June 25

June 25, 2009

Well woke up this morning to a slight fog in the bay, but by 9:30AM it had completely cleared up, with partly cloudy skies, the water is almost as smooth as glass. I hope it gets warm today! It’s only been in the mid to high 40’s!! Feels so cold out, this morning you can actually see your breath!! The dogs ran out did their thing then ran back inside. Roscoe and Dante aren’t fans of being cold, especially when you just wake them up and take them straight out! So cute how they aren’t even up yet!

I made some pretty awesome tasting vanilla ice cream last night!!! I think I might try to make a small ice cream cake for the potluck... maybe… the fish is good enough… but if I feel up to it I might bake a cake or brownies and make a layered ice cream cake…. I’ll just see how ambitious I am after I get my workout on my Wii Fit done! It’s pretty cool watching my weight on the graphs slowly drop over the last 5 days!! Just have to watch how much calories I’m downing, and still be able to enjoy real food and not your regular diet food. Portion control is important!

I got down to the office, entered the charge slips and went over what we have coming in this weekend for the store. I guess we ran out of a good amount of stuff and they were hoping that we had what we needed on this freighter… I got a couple calls for the hotel – people checking on dates and making reservations. We’ve been pretty booked lately, a lot of surveyors.

At 11:30AM the first scheduled flight tried to come in, but I heard the plane turned around (wonder why it’s beautiful out!). Then I heard that they forgot to grab all the outgoing mail on last night’s plane… so everyone who rushed to get their mail and deposits out yesterday rushed for nothing… since the mail was still waiting to be picked up this morning…. I need to go down and get some more paperwork done up. Then check and see if I got any new mail. I think I’ll go down and do all that this afternoon. I have to find time to show Polly the ropes of doing the paperwork so she can get it done without my help.

Damn no bread down in the store… and I don’t have bread at home (the freighter is bringing bread)… so there goes having grilled cheese for lunch…. I’m getting mad at my cell phone for not sending my darn text messages!! It won’t send them to anyone…. Aarrrgggg… WTF?!?!?! Trying to text CB, trying to text my hubby and my mom… but it keeps telling me “Could not send message, in outbox to try later”… WTF?!?!?!?!

For lunch my hubby cooked us up some chicken tenders (they were more like long skinny chicken nuggets :P )... I don't really eat chicken... but I'll do stuff like this that isn't off the bone so it doesn't really seem like that's what your eating... since they say so much stuff tastes "just like chicken"... I definately won't eat chicken cooked on the bone..........

This afternoon at work was pretty busy, getting some paperwork found, checking people in and out of the hotel, cashing checks and getting ready to price the incoming freighter! We had a couple people bring up coins, we really need pennies and would love to have any other coins that anyone in town might have in their “piggy banks.”

So I heard the Goose is having wheel problems and until they get it fixed we will not be having any flights, the ferry is supposed to be in this weekend so that gives people a chance to get off the island if they need to. My hubby decided that he wanted to cook steam bath again! Yay, sounds good to me! I went to the store and got us everything for cold drinks for bath and dinner, I grabbed everything for sloppy joes.

After work we went to steam bath, which felt really good! I love a really hot bath! I seem to always splash too much water on the rocks for my hubby and he’ll move to the lower bench. It can get really, really hot in there!! It feels so good though! Then run out and have a good cooling session and get back in and do it again, wash up then cool and head home! I am trying to make sure to work out on my Wii Fit everyday! I make sure to get all the yoga positions done, then the strength. I have most of the longest/most reps unlocked, so I’m getting a pretty great workout! I think I’m spending almost an hour and half to two hours a day on it, then finishing with a good run! After working out I showered, then cooked us dinner.

Today was a pretty good day, wonder what’s in store for tomorrow?.... I asked my mom if I can stay home from work in the AM tomorrow so I can get the cooking done up for the community appreciation potluck (not an elder’s potluck). I got my salmon filets marinating in orange juice and they will be ready for a good coating and baking before I take them down to be eaten. I hope everyone likes it! So until tomorrow, TTFN!!


  1. your skin and pores must be in clean, smooth, condition after a steam bath!!!

    Take care


  2. You Ok Sweetie?
    Missed your posts the past two days!
    Call if you need anything!


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