Thursday, June 18

June 18, 2009

Well today is pretty calm, a slight breeze from the south, a good layer of fog but clear and you can see Akun. Maybe the plane will come in today. The temps have only been in the low to mid 40’s the past couple days… waiting for it to warm up, it’s been a pretty cold summer so far. We took the pups out for their walk, went back inside and got ready for the day.

I got down to the office and started to help my mom with some of the meeting stuff she’s getting ready for this afternoon’s meeting. This morning was pretty uneventful. The plane actually came in, our first flight was here at 11:45! We had one of our guests we’ve been waiting for come in for the hotel. The other person didn’t come in, so I called their contact number and I was told that they were supposed to have called me to cancel their reservations with us. So I took care of that in our books and let other people know we had an opening.

For lunch we went to the café, I had my usual, French Dip! My hubby decided on chicken nuggets. Not many people at the café today at lunch, although we noticed a lot of to go orders.

Back at the office this afternoon, I was by myself since my mom and all the board members were down at City chambers having their meeting. I was waiting for an important email to come in. Once I received it I printed it and ran down to hand deliver it to their meeting. On my way back to the office I stopped at our laundry mat and emptied all the quarters out of the machines. When I get the time I’ll count all the coins and then take the amount needed to fill the change machine back up.

I went down to the Post Office and got more paperwork done and caught up with, now just have to get today’s done up tomorrow… or get both today and tomorrow done on Saturday… We ended up getting like 6-7 flights today, mostly people for Trident. I pray that none of them brought the Swine Flu with them, but knowing that they are coming from all over the world who knows what they might be bringing with them… we got a small amount of mail throughout the day, then on the last flight around 7:20PM I heard there was a pretty good amount of mail.

The Corp meeting wasn’t done with by the time the end of the day came around. So I did up all the paperwork from the store and the office, closed up and headed home. I didn’t know what to get for dinner so I got us Lucky Charms… my hubby was thinking about going to the café again, but I don’t know what to get… I already had a French dip today! After work I noticed my hubby pulled out the new “space saver” over the toilet cabinet thing we picked up in Anchorage. While he was out walking Boss, I was at home organizing and inventorying all the parts. Once I knew it was all there I started to work on putting the thing together! My hubby walked in on me and kind of laughed at me and asked me what I was doing? I just said “what’s it look like?” LOL… so he came and helped me finish it up. It was a very fun filled hour we spent together. I love projects that get the both of us to work together! I love being around my hubby and doing stuff with him! After we finished we stopped and looked at our work, then I started to fill it up with all my stuff! The bright white finish makes our bathroom look like it needs to get a coat of paint! I have paint… a light, light green and a light, light blue… we were thinking the green in the bathroom. We have the blue in the hallways and in the bedrooms. Depending on if the weatherization project is starting and what they are going to do, I wanted to paint the exterior of our house… but the wood isn’t in the best condition. Those houses were built after the school was finished back in 1994, then moved into early 1995. I would remember because we did our first school “video yearbook” that year! And we did an interview on the crew that was finishing the houses up before they got moved into! We also got our hydro electric plant installed then too! So that house is at least 14 years old by now… and you can tell a bit on certain things… so hopefully they get everything fixed up this summer (well that’s the plan I heard).

Well for dinner my hubby decided he wanted to eat at the café instead of having cereal… so he got a Mongolian beef and I got a shrimp fried rice… I didn’t know what else to get so I figured something we can both split would be good!

Well until tomorrow, TTFN!

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