Friday, June 5

Friday, June 5, 2009

WOW, TGIF already!!! Well woke up to a foggy, windy but dry morning, temps are in the high 40’s even with the cool fog breeze. Our yard is starting to look really green, and the parts we cut for our neighbors is slowly turning green (it was all over grown and covered with a couple years worth of dead grass build-up), but after taking a lawn mower over it a couple times it’s starting to look nice– the mower sucked most of the dead grass away, chopped it up and blew it over the bank! Our dogs ran out and ran a couple big circles around in the yard, chasing each other. The little ones look like football players juking left and right as they try to play keep away with a ball. They finally did their “business” and we let them back inside and I got ready to go down to the office.

I did the usual routine this morning. Eva showed up quarter to 10 to get her coffee started and to get the cash in her till counted up, I gave her a new list of people who’s store accounts have been suspended for now until we receive payment. Pretty quiet in the office, so I worked on the store order that Eva brought up to me the other day, figured I can get each order out to the appropriate vendors for the next shipment. There wasn’t really anything else that we needed to order for the store that I can think of… I’m going to make sure that they ordered some Medium heat Salsa so I can enjoy chips and salsa again. I guess I could go get a jar of hot and a jar of mild and mix them to make a medium…. LOL….

At lunch time it seems like the sun is peeking out from behind the clouds once and a while, sharing the slight warmth that the wind doesn’t steal away (it’s about 52F out). It’s blowing from a good 30-35MPH from the South, gusting higher at time, but at least it’s dry out!! For lunch today my hubby had a bowl of cereal and I had a couple crackers with some deviled ham spread on them (lightly peppered).

Well, nothing much happening in the office this afternoon. I didn’t make it to the Post Office yesterday because I got a little busy at the end of the day. So I have to get over there today and get everything done up before they start to get calls from the big office down in the states! I had a couple people call for hotel reservations for in September… I realized that I don’t have our hotel register ready for the rest of the year… I only have up to August for our reservations registry… so that is something I can work on too!

I paid a couple of my credit card bills online. Thankfully I can schedule payments so I don’t have to worry about mailing payments and having them be late all the time due to our dependability on the Goose for getting out mail to and from the island, and it’s not like that plane can just fly in any conditions like bigger planes. Today is 8 days since we got our last flyable day! The island is slowly turning green, our lupines aren’t even close to flowering like the ones CB has pictured in his blog from Dutch Harbor! We are just now getting the white flowers that usually bloom in early May! My hubby picked me a handful and put them in a cup on my desk – they smell so sweet! The ball field is coated in yellow dandelions, hopefully someone gets out there and cuts the grass…. 4th of July isn’t too far away! I can’t believe how fast this year is blowing by already!!! I still hope the warm weather comes and I can start to leave my jacket at home and wear just a sweater!

Really not sure what I want to make for dinner tonight… ham sounds good but I don’t have the time to thaw it out and have it ready for tonight… so I’ll go look around… stir fry sounds good, just meat over rice with a gravy sounds good too…. or tacos…. (tacos always sound good to me!)…. These are the days that I wish I could just drive down to the closest fast food joint and go in the drive thru!! I think it’s sad when we don’t like to eat something that we lose the taste for because we ate too much or ate it too often. A beef roast sounds good too… French dip is sounds pretty delish… too bad the café isn’t open! (wonder when Lisa and Duy are coming back?!?!) I hate shopping when I’m hungry, lunch didn’t hold me off for long, guess I should have had more than 2 crackers w/spread on them…. I’m going to have to eventually go shopping before the store closes at 4:30! Hopefully my hubby will call and come up with something that he wants to eat… he was happy I got everything for meatloaf last night! All I know for sure is that we’re out of soda pop in the house and that’s one thing we don’t usually like to run out of… even though I do need to nix the habit all together and start drinking water and milk!

Oh hey, I subscribe to Woman’s Health magazine and got my hubby Men’s Health… well I finished reading the June edition of mine and started to read his…. I didn’t know that it’s not good for guys to drink large amounts of soy milk or anything that has to do with soy. It’s has a naturally occurring phyto-hormone in it that mimics the human female hormone estrogen. And if a guy drinks enough of it over a long enough period of time, that phyto-estrogen will react in the male’s body and he can/might start to grow actual breasts!!! I was reading a story on some guys who said they would get all emotional when they watched movies… and they even had little “speed bumps” pushing out (they said they could have easily fit an A cup or bigger!)…. I didn’t know that soy can do that to a man! I guess some things are good for you… in moderation…. But if you’re a guy and your drink soy milk or eat anything with soy I hope you know that you are putting a plant made female hormone in your body and you might wake up with boobs!! LMAO!!!! Please read this month’s Men’s Health magazine to confirm what I just wrote…. That is where I got my info about soy from! Figured I’d help pass the word out….

Well I hope everyone has an awesome weekend!! Much luv to all from me!! Until Tomorrow, TTFN!!
(PS. Sorry no pix yet!)


  1. Hi April
    I want to send you an email about magazines to Akutan since you mentioned the subject.

  2. about the soy....I've knows for years about that. I thought at first my aunt was crazy. She was big into natural foods and actually stopped eating anything with soy or hormones in it while she was breastfeeding her son. I found out about a year later that it was actually true. Speaking of hormones, OMG, get the book It's my Ovaries, STUPID!! It's a little hard to read, but there's so much in there about WOMEN's hormones...things I have never even thought about. if you want, message me next week and I'll give you some example. :) anyways, hope all is well with the fam! I hope the goose makes it in soon! You need to get some mail...Never know, maybe your new shoes will have come in! Take care



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