Friday, June 26

Friday, June 26, 2009

Another beautiful clear day. Temps still in the mid 40's, overcast skies but maybe the sun might come out later if the fog goes away!

Well I took the morning off to get my salmon all cooked up for the community appreciation potluck that is being held today by E.A.T. Last night I got my salmon thawed out and soaked it in orange juice over night... now I have the oven pre-heated to 350, I beat a couple eggs to coat the salmon with and my coconut is dumped in a pan ready to coat the fish! I didn't realize how much I actually got ready until I cut them up into bite size pieces... there are still bones in some pieces so I hope everyone watches them selves when they eat them!

I just got done baking all the little pieces of heaven just in time to wrap my pans up and rush down to the building and set them out so people can enjoy them! When we got there people were just lining up getting plates! I heard a lot of people didn't know exactly what I brought and I was telling people over and over "Orange-coconut salmon." Everyone really liked my salmon! I got some good "feedback" from a bunch of people! I was happy that I got some people who don't usually eat fish at all to try it and they liked it!! I was searching online one time for new recipes because I was getting tired of eating salmon just plain like we usually do (boiled, broiled, baked, bbqed) so I wanted to find something different and that's what I found! I'm happy everyone enjoyed it!

After the potluck I went back to the office and got the store order priced up and ready for the freighter (which should be here tomorrow). The office was pretty quiet. The plane didn't come in yet, still waiting on a new tire I guess.

We ate left overs from the potluck for dinner, there was so much food there! I'm always happy when there is a good turn out of food and people! There was a good assortment of fish, including about 10 or more different ways to eat salmon, a couple halibut dishes, some sea lion soup, breads, dips and some other sides! I could barley hold all the food I wanted on the paper plates that were provided. For dessert there was a large tray full of sea gull egg pie and some cupcakes!

Well I ended up feeling guilty over all the food I gorged myself on, so I worked out for a couple hours on my Wii Fit. I can't believe the sweat I break when I working out on there! I love doing the hula hoop game, it gets you so tired and makes my sides sore (but that's a good thing!) and I love doing the jog at the end of my workout!

Well I hope everyone has a great Friday and an even better weekend! TTFN....

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