Friday, June 19

Friday, June 19, 2009


Burr, woke up to another cool 40+ morning, dry with a little wind. We let the dogs out, Dante shivered the whole time! We let them back in then went down to take care of Boss, then I went to the office.My mom informed me that the meeting went really great last night! She has another meeting to go to today, for the Tribe. She had gotten the charge slips entered in the book and went over my paperwork from yesterday. She let me know that it came out good. Our auditors want both of us doing counts and signing the daily sheets. Just like how I have to check our store manager’s daily paperwork, I need someone to oversee my paperwork. So my mom will start doing that first thing in the morning when she gets in. My hubby picked some flowers for me (some of the white flower and orchids that grow on the island) and put them in a cup of water for me on my desk. I love how they smell!

Today is pizza day at the café, and Lisa was sweet enough to make Hawaiian pizza, finally!!! Everything they had pizza over the last 2 years I’ve been asking for Hawaiian and they never have it… and I get disappointed and just deal with a slice of pepperoni... but this time she told me she’s making me Hawaiian! I got all excited and went to the café for lunch! My hubby got 2 slices of pepperoni (he’ll pay for it and have heartburn later), and I got 2 slices of Hawaiian!

Back at the office this afternoon and it was pretty quiet once again. My mom is in the Tribal meeting, and the store sounds really quiet. I have those quarters to count up so that’s something to do. My hubby let me know that he’s finished shampooing all the carpets in our hotel rooms. He said a couple of the rooms were pretty dirty… I told him now that he’s done he can get up here in the office done up really quick if he’d like too. We are going to store the carpet shampooer up here in the office, it will only be for hotel use and not be used as a rental. I heard some people heard we got one and was asking the rental rates on it… Sorry this is for hotel and office use only.

My hubby decided that he was going to cook steam bath again today. I told him that if the wind dies down a bit I would like to cut our lawn again. Around 2:30 we actually had our first flight come in, it’s a bit windy and I’m a little surprised they came in this weather… I heard Trident on the VHF radio saying they have 6 passengers coming in… wonder if they are bringing mail. Only thing I’m waiting for now is my Wii Fit! I am pretty excited to get that in! I’ve been loving my ice cream maker (although I’ve been using it as a sorbet maker since I have no cream) since I got it in! I made a couple different batches so far!

Darn I think I need to go find out who has nets out and go bum for fish because we got 2 the other night from my in-laws and we froze those whole… I really need to get on the ball and get everything I need – like my buckets and a new tarp. I need to clean my freezers out and give away some of my dry fish so I have room for this years. I always put a good amount of dry fish away for the winter! No one seems to ask me for any, and all I use it for is to eat on or to trade for other subsistence foods like seal oil, blubber or flipper. I’m happy that I know I don’t have to ever bum for dry fish… most people have the other stuff and no dry fish… I always have dry fish and nothing to go with it! I’m scared to make the seal oil/blubber myself… I don’t want to food poison us… even though there’s not much too it I’m just scared to do it on my own… although I guess one day I’m going to have to be the one to get it done… I’m kind of sad that no one ever made it back out to Akun head to pick sea gull eggs… it’s been over a week now… for sure the eggs that are out there have chicks in them by now…

I’ve been talking with my hubby about us maybe getting chickens… or those one ducks that are like mallards but are too big to fly (rouens) and building a little coop like thing and getting some fencing and putting it in the back yard (since we don’t use our backyard since it’s mostly just dirt then the hill). Having chickens was pretty cool when I was younger… plus fresh eggs sounds good to me! I told my hubby we can sell our chickens as food too and just get more chicks! If people around here would like to have fresh chicken and eggs. I know it’s a big responsibility to take on and chicken feed isn’t cheap. But then again, dog food, bird seed and supplies, fish food and supplies aren’t cheap either. No pet is really considered cheap… and all pets carry a responsibility with them. So we’ll see what we actually do… it might just be a little dream we’d like to have… if I do get chickens I want brown egg layers: like barred Plymouth rocks, Rhode island reds, black australorps, and araucana’s… never know maybe just one day we’ll have them clucking and crowing (if we get a rooster) in the backyard!

Well today wasn’t too bad a day for a Friday.. We ended up having a couple more flights come in… I guess it’s not too windy for them to come in today. The temps are staying at about 48F, staying cloudy all day. I am looking forward to steam bath after work. For dinner I got us cream of mushroom soup to have over toast… I couldn’t find anything else to sounded/looked good and I don’t really feel like going all out on cooking today… something quick and simple! Might grab my parent’s lawn mower after steam bath and cut our yard again. Good to keep up on it so it stays looking great!

Well I hope everyone had a great Friday and an even better weekend!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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  1. I wonder if the roosters would crow at sunrise on the LONGEST day of the year?? Isn't that at like 4AM??


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