Friday, June 12

Friday, June 12, 2009

Well woke up to another beautiful clear calm morning. The boardwalk is dry but the grass and ground is soaked in the morning dew. Feels good to be able to sleep in a bit and not worry about having to get down to the office right away! I love when my mom is home and I don’t have to go to work that 1 hour earlier! We went out and walked the dogs, Dante didn’t like his feet getting wet as soon as he got off the boardwalk! LOL, funny pup! We gave them treats then put them away so I can go to work.

I got down to the office and my mom had already gotten the charge slips entered from yesterday. She was going over all my work since she’s been gone, someone has to check over it all other than me since I was the only one who was in the office. So after going thru the paperwork with my mom with no problems I went to getting the rest of our accounts reconciled. I was stuck on a part on our General account but I just had to wait for my mom to come home to get the info I needed so I can keep going. I cashed a lot of people’s checks this morning!! I had my mom pick up cash since she was stuck in Dutch! So everyone is happy now knowing they can cash their checks!

YAY, I’m happy the cafĂ© is open once again!! Welcome back Lisa and Duy!!! Missed you guys, not only your cooking but your company! It’s really good to have you guys back! I had my usual for lunch!! French dip!! My hubby had his usual, chicken nuggets! Here I was expecting it to be pretty packed but it wasn’t, mostly people with to go orders stopping in and picking up their food, keeping them busy cooking in the back! After we ate, we walked home and started to pick/cut the weeds out of our lawn, I hate dealing with dandelions! Some people consider them “flowers” in their yards; to me it’s an eye sore! Our ball field is coated in them, just masses of yellow blooms waiting to turn into those things you can make a wish and blow all the seeds off of!! LOL! I don’t mind the little daisy’s that try to grow with our grass, but I can’t stand having weeds in my yard! The temps today have been nice in the mid 50’s!! The sky has turned to partly cloudy and the sun is trying hard to shine down on us and share some its warmth! The island is slowly turning green, and then before we know it it’s going to start dying off again!! L

I got back down to the office and it’s been pretty quiet. My hubby decided that he wanted to cook steam bath today… it’s about 55F out and he wants to take bath…. OK…. Sounds good but just sounds like I’m going to have a hard time cooling off once I get out of the steam room! I need to go to the store and see what kind of tarps we have, I need to get a new one this year for my dry fish rack (for rainy days). The one I had last year got a good size rip in it right in the center, so it’s practically not useable anymore. I really don’t want to just duct tape it up like everyone is telling me to!

Well the plane has been flying almost non-stop since quarter to noon when the first flight came in, then we had another one 2 hours later at quarter to 2PM, the next flight should be here around 4:30PM, scheduled flight. Not sure what they are bringing over, I need to get down to the Post Office and get paperwork into the computer… I’ll get that done today! I don’t know what I want to make for dinner tonight…. I want tacos… so I’ll just go get a salad from the restaurant (so I can have lettuce) and break open my stash of Taco Bell fire sauce I have hidden in my fridge!

Well at least I know I have steam bath to look forward to after work, and sea gull egg pie waiting for me in my fridge. I gave the rest of the eggs to my neighbors and my parents today – I let them know that a couple of the eggs had developing embryos in them so they have to check the eggs before eating them. I usually crack them into a cup to see if the egg is good or not. I know other people do a float test… I don’t know what is what… but I think if they float they are not good and if they sink they are good to be eaten! I know some Asians like to eat those some kind of bird eggs where the chick is partially formed… that’s nasty! I don’t know how they can eat that……. But like I said, if you hear it’s a delicacy it’s usually best to steer clear of it!We ended up grabbing my parent’s lawn mower after steam bath and proceeded to cut all the grass down our end of town (which includes our yard and my 2 neighbors to my left-if I was facing south out my front door). My hubby borrowed my Uncle Darryl’s weed-whacker and did up the trim job. So our yards look really nice!!! I might have blister tomorrow though….

Well I hope everyone had a great Friday and an even better weekend!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!!


  1. Great post on the sea gull egg picking! The pie looks delicious. Can't wait to get the lessons on how to dry fish. I know other people are anxious to see how to do it also. Come on summer!!!!!

  2. I have a plane question. Is the same plane making to and from trips between islands?? Does the plane do runs between many islands of just Akutan and Unalaska?


  3. April, the seagul egg pie sounds good and i liked the picture's of the red salmon looked good you got salmon before me. And the dry fish yum would love to have some of that. It's always neat to hear of you having the native food when you can and the way you cook it, your parents taught you well.

  4. Well let me answer your question about the Goose.

    So Pen-Air used to own 3, but over the last 5 years or so - 2 of the Gooses "crashed" in Dutch Harbor on landing - leaving us 1 Goose. So Pen-Air has this other plane that they "rent/borrow" now (I'm not sure from where), so we can have 2 planes doing trips.

    As far as I know, the Goose only comes here to Akutan and it will go out to Nikolski once and a while (but they have a runway so those little prop planes can land in there, we don't have a runway yet, just our harbor).

    I know you can "charter" the Goose (I'm not sure what the current prices are - contact Pen-Air for hourly rates) and they will fly you where you want to go around here.

    Back when I was in high school, we took the Goose straight from here to King Cove for a basketball trip - took us just under 2 hours to make it there. That was pretty cool!

    Right now a one-way ticket from Dutch to Akutan costs $115 on their website (I believe that is 3 days in advance non-refundable), a refundable ticket goes for about $130-140 one-way per person.

    I love flying on the Goose! I think it's a beautiful plane, and I love the way she sounds! The Goose is probably the only plane I feel comfortable flying in (especially since it can fly with one engine and can land in the water!). Another thing is I really respect our bush pilots and everything they do for us! It's sad to see old pilots retire and new ones come in...

    Right now we have about 4-5 pilots that have been flying the Goose for the past 8 years or so, we have a couple still from when I graduated from High School! Some of the Saab pilots fly the Goose for us too, I love to know when we're flying from Anchorage to Dutch (or the other way around) and we have one of our Goose pilots flying us in the Saab! It's a pretty cool feeling to know you know the pilot (we have pretty good friendships with our pilots!)

    Hope that helped give you some info:)


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