Wednesday, May 6

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Well today is another beautiful day! Hopefully the plane will come in today! It looks nice enough! There is a light dusting of snow on the boardwalks. The dogs ran out did their thing then we put them in and made our way down to the office. Today is garbage day, so we made sure to put that out before we left the house.

Today was a pretty busy day in the office. Mostly getting everything I need to get finished up before I leave and showing my mom some stuff that needs to get done while I’m gone – like the store order they need to get out before next Wednesday!

At lunch time the plane came in! I baked up some cheese sticks and the hubby had a Stouffers Meatloaf meal.

We had a boiler inspector from the State come in. I guess he was told the plane cancelled and he checked into the hotel, then the plane came in around 6:30PM and he left on it, so that room probably has to be cleaned since he checked into it and I know he got a meal from the store to make…

Got home after work and found a Berry Survey tucked in my doorway from the school kids. Guess they want us to fill them out and return them by Friday, so I’ll look at it and fill it out later. Well we laundered all the stuff we need to bring with us, and got ready to pack up. I have to make sure I have enough room to bring everything I want and our dogs stuff!

For dinner I made salmon spread again, quick and easy!

Today seemed like a busy day at work, and I enjoyed coming home and relaxing with my family while I made a list of everything I need to pack and my list of what we need to pick up on our trip.

I hope everyone had a great Wednesday!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!!

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  1. How do you make your salmon spread. Like you, I am bored/sick of my cooking and could use new ideas.


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