Wednesday, May 27

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Well woke up to a beautiful day in our harbor, but looking out towards our pass there is this dark heavy looking fog laying low, but here in the harbor is an open patch of blue sky. The sun pours its warm rays out across the island from that little hole in the clouds, there is barely a breeze whispering out there from the south. Might get nice enough for a plane today if that fog lifts… The dogs ran out and played in the yard like 3 little kids chasing each other! Dante really loves going outside with his brothers now! He is usually the first one to listen and come inside when I tell them it’s time to “go inside.” They are all so happy when they are together!! They are so cute to watch when they tuck their tails and try to be faster as they run around with each other, it’s not a scared tail tuck but one that they think it’s helping them move faster! LOL! Today is garbage day, so we’ll make sure to get our garbage out before I head down to the office!

The store was just opening up when I started up the stairs to the office, I got down to the office and got the charge slips entered into the book. Then I started back on the Bank reconciliation work that I started yesterday. There are a couple things that confuse me…. Like deposits that deposited that I can’t find a record of us sending them out… and they are for these super small amounts… and we never send in like a $10.00 deposit! Then making the journal entry part that evens the accounts out in QuickBooks is a little confusing at times when I can’t get both columns totals to match! Working on these is all I pretty much did all day… Hopefully finish up October before end of the day. I’m waiting for our Auditors to get back to me so I can get some help so I can move on! Maybe I should have done an easier account like our payroll account before trying to knock out our General account…. But I figured I’d get the hard stuff out of the way then the rest should just go smoothly!

For lunch today I made grilled cheese and my hubby had some beef veggie soup with his. I’m waiting for my new little BBQ that I sent home C.O. D. from Wal-Mart to come in so I can make some shish-ka-bobs…. I’ve been craving them since I saw pix of CB man-ing the grill over in Dutch Harbor! I don’t know what I’m going to get for dinner tonight. I’ve kind of been slacking on the cooking department since we got home… guess you can say I got used to not having to cook for 2 weeks!

We have a freighter coming in for our store this weekend. We have a small order coming in, and I just got a fax in from our vendor showing what shipped and the suggested retail price. All I have to do is look it over, make sure everything we ordered was ordered and the right quantities then transfer all the info on an easy to read price sheet for our store workers. So I will get that done up and printed out for them. No rush since the freighter won’t be here until Saturday… I guess people are tired of being showed what’s coming in… when they would rather be shown what’s here already! And our store manager always seems to get happy and show people what’s coming in on the freighter, and the people are getting tired of it I guess…. So I will take the price sheet down to the store workers sometime Friday. Kind of weird, you’d think people would like to know what’s coming in, so they can come down when the freighter is here and get it before it sells out! Some items are hard to keep stocked, but if we order too much then it doesn’t sell at all!! It’s like people get tired of certain things and what was once a good seller doesn’t really sell at all anymore and vice-versa! It’s so hard to keep everyone satisfied with what we keep stocked in the store. They should be grateful that we even have a store, unlike some villages here in Alaska!

I’m hoping to hear back from our Auditors before the end of the day so I can finish up with October 08’s bank rec. If not hopefully they contact me in some way (email, phone) and help me so I can get as much done before my mom leaves and before I have to start running the Post Office. I think I start officially next week Monday-Wednesday since our Post Master is still here – I think she leaves Friday, but our other PMLR (Post-Master Leave Relief) is supposed to work Thursday, Friday and Saturday’s – but she’s been stuck in Dutch since Saturday… the last plane we had was the one that flew me home on Friday night! I prayed/hoped really hard to make it home, and we did! Thankfully the weather held up and let us come back home! There are still a lot of Akutan locals stuck over in Dutch waiting for the Goose to make its 20 minute one-way flight to bring them home… and over here there are a good handful of people waiting to fly to Dutch to make their flights to Anchorage! That’s even if the Saab can land over there or not! I heard that the 2 flights earlier today already had to turn around and go back to like Cold Bay or King Salmon before eventually flying back to Anchorage due to not being able to land in the thick fog that’s enveloping the island!

Oh yay, the internet is finally working again up in our office! I finally spend the 30 mins on hold with GCI to let them know that our internet still isn’t working. The guy on the other end said it was their fault and that they never turned our service back on and that we had to reset our antenna and our internet should start working after they reset something up there in Anchorage. After about less than 5 mins on the phone with this guy and our internet was back up and running. So we didn’t have internet for like a month or so here in the Corp office because “someone” forgot to turn our service back on. Here’s the funny part, I know this was our THIRD time calling in!! The second time I called they apologized and said that the first person forgot to turn our service back on and that they would do it and it should all be taken care of and we hung up before checking our connection. Not wanting to spend over 30 mins on hold again that day, we kind of just put it off, then I left and my mom must have forgot what the problem was with the internet, because she waited for me to get back to ask me what was wrong with it again. So that’s why I spent the time listening to GCI’s boring elevator “on hold” music for about 33 mins exactly before spending 5 mins to fix our “problem.” This time the guy stayed on the phone with me until he can tell that we were sending/receiving a signal from them and he made sure we connected with the internet before hanging up with me! Thank you so much GCI tech guy! You were way better than the last 2 people I talked with!! Can’t believe we went without our internet that long just because they forgot to reconnect us to the system! Should almost get a month free since we paid for a month of internet that wasn’t even able to be used because they had our antenna shut off!

We just got a fax in that shows that the Aleut Corporation’s President, CEO, and Shareholder Relations Manager will be here on June 1st for the Aleut Corp’s Akutan Shareholder Informational Meeting that will be held here in Akutan at the new City Office Building around noon. They usually have door prizes for the people who attend the meeting: including a roundtrip ticket to attend the Annual Meeting in Anchorage (which is usually the month of October), along with Aleut Corp regalia (coffee mugs, clothing, flashlights, ECT). They usually have a pretty good amount of people who show up because they know that one of them is getting a free ticket to Anchorage end of the year! (LOL what an incentive to make you go huh?!?!)

Well I think I’m just going to season up some hamburger, make gravy and have that over rice for dinner. Something quick and easy!! I didn’t get to finish up my Bank rec. work because I didn’t hear back from our auditor. So hopefully they will get back to my by tomorrow so I can finish that month up and move on!

So until tomorrow, TTFN!

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