Tuesday, May 5

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Woke up to a nice day again. Looks a little foggy out towards the pass and there is a small breeze blowing in the bay. Blue skies above town and the sun looks like it might come out once it gets above the fog! Took the dogs out and they enjoyed their morning outing. The high temps today got up to 51F on my weather station, lows last night show it got to 31.8F.

I got down to the office and got the charge slips entered in. My mom was busy dealing with our router and printer again. I guess this time our router needed to be reset because our network wasn’t registering on the computers, which makes our wireless printer pretty worthless. So after screwing around with the controls and restarting the computer and unplugging and re-plugging everything in it all finally started to work again.

For lunch I made us tacos. We got some produce from Trident to sell down at the store. So I got some lettuce, bell peppers and a cucumber. I’m going to make stuffed bell peppers for dinner, with a cucumber salad on the side! If we don’t get to the salad it will make a great midnight snack!

This afternoon went by pretty fast. I had a couple Trident employees and some locals come up and cash their checks. We are getting low on cash again, which really sucks! I guess we had a couple people charter a boat and they came over and needed 2 hotel rooms. Luckily for them we don’t have anyone in the hotel at the moment and they were able to get lodging! Lucky for them they get to “break in” all our new supplies that got put in the rooms, must feel nice with those new fluffy pillows and comforters!!

Well I got more paperwork entered into the spreadsheets. I’m hoping to get all caught up before I leave, since I have to bring a back-up copy of our QuickBooks file to our auditors for my training – I want to make sure everything I need to have entered from my side of the office is entered into the journal entries! I will probably take some home tonight to try to get fully caught up!

Well the plane ended up not coming in today… it was nice in the bay, but as soon as you look out the bay you can tell it’s blowing out around the corner, and the fog is really dark and laying low. Almost seemed like it wanted to rain. Then when I was cooking dinner around 8PM I happened to notice that it was snowing out! WTF?!?! At least it didn’t last long. It doesn’t get dark until at least around 11PM now, not sure what time it starts to get light (I haven’t woken up that early yet :P).

Well today was a pretty good day for me! I hope everyone else had a great day! Until tomorrow TTFN!


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