Tuesday, May 26

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Well woke up early today for I have to go to work at the Post Office this morning and get re-trained and updated on all the new rates and steps we use to send and receive mail. That took about an hour, and I was able to get to work at the Corp on time at 10! My mom had already entered the charge slips and put the cash out in the store for the day. I checked into the office this morning before going to the Post Office but it was still a bit before 9AM and my mom wasn’t in the office yet, actually no one was here at the building! I had to wait around for someone to show up (Kay our Postmaster, arrived first – my mom not too long after her!). I had my office keys so I didn’t have to wait outside.

The weather this morning is cloudy with a dark looking fog out in the pass; there is a slight breeze from the North, temps in the low 40’s. Our yard looks really good being fresh cut from last night! We need some rain now… my sprinkler broke from all the kids playing in it last year – so I have to order a new one or I’d be watering my lawn!

First thing I did once I got done in the Post Office and made it to the Corp office was to situate my desk since the office was painted while I was gone! Looks nice and bright! After getting my stuff cleaned and put in the appropriate places I started on the bank reconciliation work that I have waiting for me. First thing I have to do is enter all the journal entries into QuickBooks, then get a copy of our Trial Balance out to our auditors.

For lunch we had tacos, and I happily enjoyed mine with some Fire Sauce!!! Think I’m going to make grilled cheese and soup for dinner…. I don’t really feel like cooking a big dinner…. My hubby is thinking of cooking steam bath tonight, that sounds so relaxing! I can’t wait to get off work and go in there and throw lots of water on the rocks and sweat all the “city” dirt out of my skin.

This afternoon at work was nothing but working with numbers, getting stuck and having to call our auditors for help. Then realizing that I had a couple numbers on the wrong side of my debit/credit columns and that’s why they weren’t adding up…. At least I’m not stuck on anything too hard to deal with…. I just need to accept the fact that I need to pick up the phone and call for help once and a while instead of giving myself a headache trying to figure it out myself! Not to mention my training was over a week ago….. I’m happy that I took a bunch of notes while I was getting my training!!

I think this Bank Rec. work is going to take a bit longer than I thought it was going to take…. It took me all afternoon just to reconcile one account for one month!!! I did July with our auditors, and then did August on my own with them over looking, then just got done doing September on my own here at home. Starting October tomorrow! I will start working at the Post Office once my cousin leaves, which I believe is around the end of the month she leaves (this coming weekend).

I had a couple people come up to cash their checks today…. I kind of missed doing that… except the part of trying to explain what 10% of your total is to cash your check… some of the Africans don’t understand… so I have to explain percentages to them by telling them for every dollar you cash with us we charge 10 cents…. So if it’s 100.00 it’s going to be a 10.00 charge. Some people just don’t understand and get all mad and start to raise their voices to me and start to slam their fists on my desk. I just smile and tell them that’s our policy and if they don’t like it then we don’t have to cash your check for you! No one understands how much it costs to make sure we have cash in our office! Just for someone to fly over and back costs over 280.00 just for the airfare, that doesn’t include hotel if they get stuck! So we have to charge at least 10% to cover our costs of getting the cash!

The Post Office called up and let us know they only had $4.00 left on their Power Stat machine, so I ran to the City office and got the $300.00 more dollars in power! That was a good little break to take from the Bank Rec. work that I was working on…. Give my eyes a break from all the numbers, although I don’t mind dealing with numbers!

I can’t believe how slowly behind our plants are from the plants growing up in Anchorage and Valdez! Our salmonberry bushes are finally pushing buds out, and on some they even have flowers! My mom had a cup full of the white flowers that grow on our hills this time of the year, not sure what they are called we just always called them white flowers… I will try to get a pic of some of them! We didn’t get a plane in today, but there are a lot of town people over in Dutch waiting to come home… if they get stuck long enough the AK State ferry Tustemena should be here this weekend, going round trip from here to Dutch and back, then on its way back up to Homer!

People are slowly getting their gillnets out and cleaning them and getting ready for the Red Salmon to make their appearance! I can’t wait to get some fresh salmon put away: salted up, dried up or smoked up! I want to can a bunch this year too… I have to get a pressure cooker…. I heard the Troopers were giving tickets out to people who didn’t have some kind of information on their buoys for their gillnets…. Since when do we have to do that? In my 26 years of living here I have never heard of it being mandatory to put contact info on your buoy… as far as I know we all would just put our initials on the buoy…. But I guess to avoid a couple hundred dollar fine we should all start putting our full names and contact info on all buoys used in this area…. Or beware of the Troopers knocking on your door!!!!!

Ok well I’m looking forward to steam bath and getting all the Bank Rec. work done up (however long it takes!) Then walk my dogs and try to enjoy the nice weather we're having (other than the wind). Maybe go for a walk and see if I see and morels... no one around here really knows what one is... so the obviously never looked here for them... so that's an adventure I can go on.... watch me find nothing either!! LOL.....

So until tomorrow, TTFN!

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  1. I was wondering about summer salmon... glad you can participate in the harvest



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