Thursday, May 28

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Well woke up and took the dogs out, the weather looks good enough for a plane. The dogs did their thing then we took them inside. I got a call from my cousin Kay, she said that the plane is supposedly loading up and getting ready to come over here early… but who knows what early means to PenAir. I went down and got the Post Office opened, got the mail ready to go, then called my mom to see if she was leaving on the plane too. She said she was… so I’m watching both offices for now until my other PMLR makes it in (I heard a bunch of town people got on a boat and should be here around 3PM or so). The plane finally made it in at quarter to 12PM, I let my cousin Kay use Roscoe’s Sherpa bag (soft carrier) and my mom will be taking him with her under her seat instead of letting him ride in the cargo area of the plane. I didn’t get to go home to lunch until 12:15… I missed the store so I’ll have to see what we have at home….

I melted some slices of cheese on a couple pieces of bread and my hubby micro waved up some Orida Easy Fries. I got a little pissed off to find out that Pen-Air released my suitcase to my uncle Darryl without my permission, and he brought it over on the boat with him. When Pen-Air should have either called me for permission, or just held onto it until they could get it over on the next flight. I was down at the plane waiting for my suitcase to come off, and when I realized it wasn’t on there I immediately called Pen-Air in Dutch Harbor to see where it was, and that was when they told me they let my uncle take it!!! I was pissed that they didn’t ask me first! Where do they come off giving my property which is in their care to someone without discussing it with me first??? At least I know I’ll eventually get my damn clothes!

I was really busy at the post office today with all the planes and mail that came in. They brought a small amount of mail on almost every plane but the first one. So I was busy making people happy by sorting the mail (something I find fun to do!!). There are a couple new things that I have to get used to that have changed since the last time I worked at the Post Office… I just have to get into the routine of things. It was a super busy day, mostly sorting mail and a handful of customers. After I closed up the Post Office I went over to the Corp Office and did up the paperwork for the store and office. I finally made it home at quarter to 6. The temps were in the low 50’s, we had this kind of low fog that hugged the island, but it was clear for miles to see… we had about 6 flights today (or 5.. I lost count being busy!, at least I got all the outgoing mail off the island!)

We didn’t end up making our dinner last night, so we saved it for today. Last night we ended up eating a couple Banquet chicken tenders. On History Channel tonight was an awesome episode of Gangland, called Cold Hard Killers… an episode based on the gang problem in Anchorage, AK!! I didn’t know they made an episode about AK’s gang problem……

Well my PMLR said she’ll run the Post Office tomorrow and on Saturday (and Thursdays), so I’ll be able to get some work done in the Corp office. I am still working on Bank Recs. And I have to get the freighter priced up. I am kind of not looking forward to working the PO during the first working days of the month because I have a lot that I have to get done in the Corp office during that time. So I might see if my other co-worker can work at the PO on Monday so I can get everything I need done, done! Thankfully the weekend is coming up! There is going to be an Elders Potluck/Picnic tomorrow at lunch hour at the ball field, which is being held by Eastern Aleutian Tribes.

So until tomorrow, TTFN!

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