Sunday, May 31

Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wow I can't believe that it's already the end of the month! Where is this year going?
Woke up to fog and rain again, temps in the mid 40's. Probably no planes again today....

Around 11 I headed down to the office so I can get my freighter crew back to work on the dry goods that they didn't get to yesterday. I had to also get the paperwork done up from yesterday and get it ready for today (for the store). At noon the store opened then I went back home, stopping to walk Boss really quick and put him out on his line so he can enjoy the weather, it's drying up but there is still a thick layer of fog in the harbor...

Didn't seem to do much today but sit around the house and watch TV and play with the dogs. We went down and walked Boss a couple times and fed him at noon then again around 6:30PM, we missed a call from my cousin (Boss' owner) while we were walking him around so he can "potty".

We ate a lot of junk food, then for dinner we had cream of mushroom soup over toast. I wanted to work out but didn't work up enough motivation to get up and actually do it .... All bark no bite today :P.....

Around 9:30 we took Boss for his last walk of the night and gave him a "cookie" (milkbone) and put him in for the night... my Uncle Jake should be coming to let him out early in the AM (usually around 7:30-8). So we'll just have to find him in the morning and make sure he's ok. He's a pretty old yellow lab, but a really good dog!

Well tomorrow is going to be a busy day. I have to get all the Store charge accounts added up and get everyone billed and have those out by noon hopefully..... then I have the Bank recs. that I was working on... I'm getting almost caught up now! Then I have to start our other accounts! I don't mind QuickBooks, it's a pretty fun application if you know how to use it right! I read the whole manual and had some training on it... so I know my way around it pretty well! I like to play around and use Excel for a lot of things though!

Well our relationship is still going strong, trying to just put things behind us and move on.... we've been together for a long time now, unofficially started to "date" when we were 13, didn't get serious and move in with each other until we were 18 turning 19... then last year when we were 25 we got married in court... hopefully maybe next year or the year after we'll have a big church wedding (debating in Anchorage, or here at home!).... We have a lot of great times that we shared... a lot of firsts we did together (like going to Hawaii and going skydiving!! 14000ft baby!!!) And we have plans to do more together!! So wish us the best! Much luv to you all who help and support me!

Until tomorrow TTFN!!

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