Sunday, May 3

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Well we got to sleep in which felt really, really good!!! The weather today is sunny, with some clouds but mostly blue skies and a cold Northerly breeze – blowing about 15-20MPH at times.

We didn’t do much. Pretty much hung out in the house and watched TV. I made the video for my little presentation on the village for the past year, I also baked up some corn bread muffins and we munched on those for brunch, and then for dinner I made us tacos -which I happily ate with Taco Bell Fire sauce!!

No planes today - But I heard that the other “rental” plane is in Dutch Harbor, so whenever the weather permits we should be able to get a plane in!

I have to get our laundry done up and figure out what I want to pack… I usually pack with a bunch of stuff that I don’t really need but think I might need so I bring it anyways. But this time I want to bring only one bag for me and one bag for the dogs!

Well I had a great weekend! I hope everyone else enjoyed their selves too!! Until tomorrow, TTFN!


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