Sunday, May 24

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Well it felt really great again to sleep in our own bed! We woke up around 10AM, went out and walked the dogs. The weather this morning is partly cloudy with sunshine, and a cold Northerly breeze of about 20MPH, gusting to 30MPH, a cool 45F. The dogs enjoyed their walk, Dante really seems to like to go outside now, and he loves to run around with his brothers – especially if I’m throwing the ball for Tug!

We didn’t do much today but hang out in the house and watch TV! Felt good to just sit at home and do nothing! We picked up our birds last night, we were thinking of getting another one, but I want to make sure it’s for sure a male that I’m adding to my little flock of 3 cockatiels! I know for sure one is a female, and I believe the other two hatchlings from last year are a male and a female (I’m guessing from the barring marks under their tails).

We ate some halibut fish pie that my Aunty Jen made! It was super delish! I love eating mine with ketchup! My hubby went to the store and got us everything to make grilled cheese and soup for dinner. We ended up eating a bunch of junk food (beef jerky, chips and candy) for dinner. I know it’s not healthy but it sure did taste good. We are going to make sure to get a yoga session in tomorrow! I also baked up some cinnamon rolls with some awesome frosting earlier today!!

The plane didn’t come in today because of the strong northerly winds, which really sucks because I heard there is a plane load of locals waiting to get back, and I still haven’t received my suit case yet. Which makes me really happy that I mailed home some of my clothes!!

I ordered us an ice cream maker; I’ve wanted to get one for some time now. Next on my list is a yogurt maker! We’re already counting down the days until we leave for one of my BFF’s weddings, we are thinking of extending out stay in Anchorage so I can be with my Cupcake and my sister and her b/f longer! We’ll see though. I got my official wedding invitation in the mail on the same plane we flew in on! I’m sending my RSPV out once the Post Office reopens! I can’t wait to go I’m so excited, I really need to work out and try to lose another 10 lbs or so (at least that’s what I’m hoping for… but I won’t be disappointed if I don’t.. as long as I don’t gain weight I’m happy!) I still can’t believe that I lost weight on our trip! With all the fast food that we were eating, I’m surprised we didn’t put weight on (hopefully my arteries are ok from all the grease!)….. I did cook a couple times at home though, and we had a BBQ our last night there! I really miss driving; I did a lot of driving on this trip. I’ve been slowly breaking myself in to driving with a lot of traffic. I’m used to the small one lane going one way and the other the other way kind of traffic… so I’m getting good at driving with traffic in multiple lane roads!

I swear I keep calling my sis a couple times a day, we miss being with them and I’m sure they miss us! I really miss my Cupcake! She’s such a cutie pie and growing so fast for her age! She’s really advanced and I hope my sister takes advantage of that! For 8 months she’s already trying to walk and she’s fitting 12 month old clothes! I got her some 18 month old clothes to grow into! I love her and my godchild so much!! I love getting my “girls” clothes!!! Both my little nieces are fitting in the same size clothes, and my godchild is going to be 2 years old next month! But I love them both and it was really good to be able to see and spend time with both of them!

Well, we’re going to relax with our pups, watch some TV, shower up and maybe get some laundry done. I can’t wait to sleep in our bed again; I really missed it a lot while we were gone!!! Hopefully the plane comes in soon and brings the rest of my clothes!

Until Tomorrow, TTFN!!

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