Saturday, May 23

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Wow it felt good to sleep in our own bed! We woke up at about 12:30PM! We slept like 13 hours and I feel like I can sleep another 13! I didn’t want to get out of bed for anything, but the pups wouldn’t stop licking me to get me up to walk them! So we got up and took the dogs out, the wind is blowing about 15MPH from the north, the sun is out and they sky is blue! Feels pretty warm at 50F out and warmer in the sun! We walked down to the store to get some “shopping” done. I picked up a can of Red Salmon to make some spread with for lunch (I just removed the skin and some of the bones and flaked the meat up and mixed in a bit of mayo and have it on either pilot bread or Ritz crackers) and we grabbed a couple Stouffers individual size lasagna dinners for tonight. We also needed some pop since we didn’t have any in the fridge. We went and checked the mail and brought home all the bills and magazines that piled up over the last 2 weeks, and grabbed the boxes we mailed home.

Our dogs were super excited to smell that one of the boxes was just for them! I know they know that that box was for them, because they can smell all the treats in there! I swear we spent over 300 at the pet store on rawhide chews, toys and food for them! Tug was so happy he didn’t know what to chew on first, he was like a little kid running around the house with a different thing in his mouth just happy and excited! Roscoe and Dante were just trying to take all of Tug’s stuff and hide it from him! They need to learn to share with their “big brother”!

I was happy to turn my Guitar Hero on and jam out for a couple hours! I played until my fingers were cramping and my shoulder was hurting from the guitar strap! Felt really good to get a good jam session in! I love turning up the volume, standing in front of the TV, all dressed like a rock star and wearing my heels, jumping up and down and jamming out on the Guitar to some really great songs that I grew up listening to! I think my hubby just laughs a bit at me and he said he thinks I’m “cute” when I dress up to jam out!

Today is garbage day so I made sure to clean out anything in our fridge that went bad, and gathered all the empty boxes and got them ready for pick up. No planes today, so I didn’t get my suitcase yet…. L

We spent a lot of time watching TV catching up on shows and playing Guitar Hero and hanging out with the pups! I love the feeling of being home!!!! Well until tomorrow, TTFN!!!!


  1. Welcome home!!! Many of us have missed your blogging so get us caught up. Most important question- did you bring home a bag of Fire Sauce?? And since it is morel season on Dutch, are they morels on Akutan?

  2. THANK YOU!! It's good to be home!!!!
    Yes I made sure to go to Taco Bell and load up on my favorite Fire Sauce!! I am planning tacos tomorrow actually!!! As for the morels... not so sure.. I have to ask around... as far as I know no one around here eats any of the mushrooms on the island....

    Still can't believe I lost 5lbs on my trip eating all the fast food we did.... lol! I had a great time and I'm going to miss my baby niece a lot! It was really good to be able to see my older sis and her family and especially their girls!! My godchild is growing up so fast, she can count already, up to 10, and she'll only be 2 next month!! I'm going to miss driving the most though... and not having to cook all the time!
    ~April Dawn~


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